What the Wenches Are Reading

Collage by the awesome Olga Daniels
 Happy Release Day, Saucy Readers! Some of us are equally excited and scared for Silver Shadows today, while others are just excited for Ilona Andrews's next Kate Daniels book, Magic Breaks

What are you excited about today? Click through to see what we're reading, and share your list in the comments below!

Amanda:  I was listening to A Feast for Crows on my awesome Kindle HDX, but Arya bored me to death. 

Angela: Finished Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. As brilliant as I was promised it would be.  Then I've read Where Serpents Sleep by C.S. Harris and really enjoyed it. It's book #4 of the Sebastian St Cyr series and they just keep getting better and better. If you love Regency mysteries, then this series is a must read.

Anne: I am re-reading my all-time favorite series, The Lord of the Rings, while I wait for the new Chicagoland Vampires book to be released. I can't wait for it!!

Barb: I finished House Rules, and the following day Blood Games showed up on my doorstep! So I read it, very quickly since I couldn't put it down. It was...fantastic! Every single thing that I've come to expect from a CLV book. And so much more. Writing a review is going to be difficult because there is so much goodness in it. Look for a review next week! Now, I've read the seven early release chapters, and as you read this, Silver Shadows will have landed on my e-reader and I will be trying not to sneak in chapters at work. Not that I would ever do that. Not that I did that with Blood Games. *whistles innocently*

Care:   OUTLANDER! Outlander-Outlander-Outlander!  Dragonfly in Amber has occupied most of my week,with bits and pieces of The Mislabeled Child coming in every so often as well.  Toss in a quick reread of Hot Head (every so often I'm almost *compelled* to read that one!), and you've got a pretty well-rounded week in reading!

Donna: This week I read two Diana Gabaldon novellas: The Space Between and A Leaf On the Wind of All Hallows. One features Roger Mackenzie's parents and the other features Jamie's stepdaughter, Joan, and Ian and Jenny's son, Michael. Both were great, but too darn short!

Kathi: This week I’m still rereading Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. But all the Outlander tv series goodness online and its Comic-Con premiere has me wanting to reread Outlander real quick before the show, so I’ve spent more time reading this week. I’ve got a long train trip scheduled, and plan to listen to my Outlander books the whole way!

Merit:  This was a week of unfinished books. Started three new books from my TBR list, two were abandoned after a few chapters, the third, I may return to at another time. Now I amrereading Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness, All Souls Trilogy’s second book, in preparation for the third installment, The Book of Life.

Natalie:  Hello Saucy readers! Well this past week I finished a slower second read of The Book of Life and if you've not already read this great trilogy by Deborah Harkness then I do not know what you are waiting for. This past weekend I read The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes and like the previous Moyes books I found the characters are now etched on my heart and soul. Did not need as many tissue as her previous books buy still just as powerful. Now in private I've been called a slacker on my reading of Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires series so this week I'm picking up where I left off in December with my full series reread. So after I hit enter on this post my nose will be in Twice Bitten in hopes I can get caught up by August 9th when I get to see the fabulous Chloe Neill again. And in one week I get to meet Mrs. Deborah Harkness. Happy reading to all our Saucy Followers!

Zee: I read half of Parker's Passion by Sabrina York.. it's... weird? I don't know. Not exactly enjoying it, but feel like I should see it through. Reread Jaye Wells's Dirty Magic because I NEED more Kate and Volos. NEEEEED. Been skimming through the last few Chicagoland books. I love Chloe Neill. And Merit. And Ethan. Ethan... sigh.


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