What the Wenches Are Reading

 This week the Wenches are reading about vampires and other supernatural creatures, relocated highlanders and their clans, people falling in and out of love, and families that are created rather than born. 

Click through to see what The Wenches are reading this week, and tell us what you're reading, in the comments below.

Amanda: I am still reading The King by J.R. Ward. *sigh* Real Life is way too busy lately!

Angela: This week I read Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2) by Richelle Mead. Rose is starting to irritate me a little, but I enjoy the other characters enough to keep reading this series.  Adrian has been a wonderful addition to the story line and I think I like him more than Dimitri.

Anne: I've gone back to Gravedigger's Brawl to work on an upcoming post. And, there's some Supernatural fanfiction thrown in there as well. I just can't get enough of it.

Barb: I finished The Color Purple, which is quite simply an amazing book. A completely different perspective than my own, a story I hadn't read, it was riveting and thought-provoking. Truly the kind of book everyone should read once. After finishing that I tried getting back into things I've put away, but nothing really held my interest...until Zee read Bloodlines and loved it! So I picked it back up and have been speeding through it. I love this series, like crazy.

Kathi: I’m halfway through my reread of An Echo in the Bone already!! Even though I have a million other things I’m supposed to do, I find myself sneaking off every night to ignore those things and read myself to sleep. Even the one POV I found tedious the first time around is interesting, though not nearly as interesting as I’d like him to be. There are so many great things coming up, I’m finding it hard to read slowly.

Merit: I’m in the middle of a compelling story, Sempre by J.M. Darhower, a story about a girl and a boy,  about bad people doing good deeds or vice versa, it is about  “the concept of modern-day slavery” as the author says. It involves Mafia actions and human-trafficking life; heartfelt  and touching.

Shau: I've been reading Larissa Ione's Reaver. It's good. I'm enjoying it, and I finally get to find out what's Reaver's deal.

Zee: I FINALLY finished Vampire Academy, and I actually disliked the last installment (Last Sacrifice) more than I thought possible. I think I could take scenes from the first and last book and mesh them together and you would NOT be able to tell the difference (or any growth) in the main character and her boyfriend. Anyway, started Bloodlines, and it was absolutely a million times better than VA. Sydney is a much more interesting narrator to me, and Adrian is amazing. Now on the second one, The Golden Lily! Barb was totally right about me liking this series!


  1. Kathi, I'm doing an Outlander series reread as well in preparation for Written in My Own Heart's Blood (and the TV series)! I've had to start the audiobooks so I can actually get other things done. The laundry pile was reaching a scary height because I couldn't bring myself to put the books down.


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