Man Candy: Pets Edition

For some reason, our Man Candy posts are very popular. Gosh, I can't imagine why? <g> What could be cuter and hotter than gorgeous men showering adorable pets with love and affection?

Click through to check out all of the adorable pets, and their even more adorable owners!

David Gandy: We have to start with Mr. Gandy, because he is the true inspiration for this post. As an ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, he lends his celebrity status to the plight of lost and abandoned dogs and cats. 

Justin Timberlake: JT and his lovely wife, Jessica Biel, have an adorable American Pit Bull named Tina.

Hugh Jackman: Here's Hugh and his beloved French Bulldog, Peaches

Orlando Bloom: Orlando rescued and adopted, Saluki, and black Saluki mix while filming Kingdom of Heaven

Ian Somerhalder: The Ian Somerhalder Foundation is a charitable organization that is committed to the environment and animal welfare. Its mission is to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the plan and its creatures. He rescued a dog, Nietzsche, from traffic near the Vampire Diaries set and adopted her. While on location filming Lost a few years ago, he rescued a cat, Moke, and adopted him. We see a pattern here...  

Ryan Gosling: Ryan's best friend is his pooch, George. When he was younger, he got to go along with Ryan on location but now stays home and keeps in touch with the actor by Skype.

Tom Hardy: Here are some photo of Tom, showing some dogs lots of love.

Ryan Reynolds: Ryan found his golden retriever, Baxter, when he visited an animal shelter in Houston. 

Bradley Cooper: Bradley found Charlotte, a Chow/Retriever mix, at an adoption drive in Santa Monica. "I fell in love with her immediately," he shared. 

Matthew McConaughey: Matthew is a big animal lover. He supports the Mississippi Animal Rescue League and Growing Up With Pets, which provides information for families looking to build strong and healthy relationships with their pets. He helped rescue many animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Here he is with his dogs BJ and Foxy.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Leo and his charitable organization donated $3 million to the Oceana
Foundation which is dedicated to saving ocean wildlife. He has a pet lizard, frogs and a French Bulldog named Django. 

Could you handle the cuteness (and hotness) Saucy Readers? Who would you add to our parade of pet papas? Share your thoughts below!


  1. Oh god the cuteness!! I'd add Jared padalecki and his dog Sadie and Jensen Ackles and his dogs Icarus and Oscar. And, even though he's a baby, josh hutcherson.

  2. Donna.. this might be my favorite man candy post of all time.

    1. Although, I KNOW there are more cat guys around :) RDJ for one!

  3. I loved this post Donna. Haha Zee I wonder why it's your favourite Man Candy post???

  4. Its a great pleasure reading your post.Its full of information I am looking for and I love to post a comment that "The content of your post is awesome" Great work.


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