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One of the first things you learn as a parent of a G/T child is never to fall for the "why" question. It's a trick they know instinctively. You tell them to do something, they ask why, you tell them why, and then they proceed to outline fifteen logical reasons to support their opposing view.
Source: fuckyeahrecations.tumblr.com
The Mom card is about the only one I can play without an argument. Otherwise everything turns into a big debate over technicalities.
I'll say, "Please stop jumping on the floor."
The child will say, "I'm not jumping," and will continue to jump up and down as though on a trampoline.
Then I'll say, "I said quit jumping."
And the child will say, "I'm not jumping, I'm bouncing," proceeding to "bounce" until I use the correct terminology.

Raisin' Brains: Surviving my Smart Family by Karen L.J. Isaacson


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