What The Wenches Are Reading

It's that time of the year again! Like most people, the Wenches have been busy with pre-Holiday prep! But most of us have still managed to find time to read (even if it's just a few chapters.) 

We've been making progress with some of our favorite series, reading a lot of great novellas and short stories, and getting around to new recommendations from friends, readers and other Wenches! It's always great having fun, new options to fall back on once we're done with a book/series. 

Click through to see what we've been reading this week and let us know in the comments below if you've managed to make time for any books, old or new, this (busy) week!!   


Amanda: I'm still reading Lover at Last this week. I'm loving the hell out of this book! It's not what I was really hoping for so far, with Qhauy, but I am enjoying the other story lines. And of course, any Qhuay-time is better than no Qhauy-time, I guess.

Angela: This week I finished Chimes of Midnight (October Daye #7) by Seanan McGuire. I enjoyed it, but not as much as Ashes of Honor (#6).  Ashes was my favourite of the whole series to date. There is still some burning questions to be answered, like where the hell are Amandine and Simon. I guess I kind of hoped that we might find out the whereabouts of one of these two characters in this book. I'm still with the series, but my fingers are crossed that the next book addresses Simon and Amandine's mysterious absence.

Anne: I finally got around to reading High Stakes, the short story with Luc and Lindsey of Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampire series (from the Kicking It anthology.) I loved it!! I hope we get more of these two! 

Barb: I am still slowly working my way through At Grave's End in my Night Huntress reread. Holiday crafts are demanding all of my attention, but hopefully I'll be finished with all of that this week and can focus on more important things--like reading.

Care: This week starts a new venture for me, and, like with all new ventures in my world, brings with it a whole host of new books, websites, and other assorted research items. As such, this week, I've been up to my eyeballs in gluten sensitivity research, how it looks, and how it relates to thyroid issues. All this to say, I've been enjoying every moment of reading Gluten Free Girl Every Day by Shauna James Ahern. It's been a fantastic read thus far - fun and easy, interesting and something I can see fitting easily into my house.    

Kathi: I'm still reading the Dangerous Women anthology of stories about kick-ass women. After reading the ones I'd been especially waiting on last week, this week I started at the beginning of the book and am reading straight through. These stories cross genres, so there's a variety of styles, and so far I'm enjoying them all. 

Merit: Last week I received a gift from a friend, a book called Call from an Angel by French author, Guillaume Musso, apparently one of the most popular authors in France today. Madeline and Jonathan are two strangers who bump accidentally into each other at JFK New York airport; both collect their scattered belongings and continue their different ways: Madeline, back to Paris, France, and Jonathan home to San Francisco. Upon arrival both find out that each picked up the other’s phone, of course they both can’t resist snooping.  What starts as a slow lightweight read, unfolds into a kind of thriller with a pinch of romance. Well, I've read better written books, but still couldn't put it down.

Natalie: Well it looks as if I'm going for an end of the year push for reading! I will not make my goal of 50 books this year. The great thing about goals is you can change them, so I changed my goal to 45 books. Seeing last night I just hit 40 I think it is a more reasonable goal with 16 days left this year. I finished Friday Night Bites last week. Before continuing on with the great works of Chloe Neill, I am going to try out a few other books. My friend from high school who I exchange books with has been urging me to read John Green's The Fault In Our Stars. Seeing she recommended the awesome Charley Davidson series I could not say no any longer to her recommendation. Even harder to say no when her sweet teenage daughter lends me her copy. So I completed that read yesterday and it was very enjoyable to the point I did need my tissue box toward the end. I think I am endeared to the book a little more because it had notes in it from my friend's daughter causing me to realize that my friend is raising a beautiful well rounded young woman. On that note, my book of choice for the coming week is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I know other books should have come before it but the preview I saw for the movie piqued my interest to get the books. So now I'm reading it! What are you reading? 

Veronica: I finished up Jordan Castillo Price's PsyCop series this week. I'm really going to miss Vic and Jacob and Crash, and I've got my fingers crossed that Crash will get his own book soon. Lucky for me, Price has been writing a series of flash fics featuring the PsyCop fellas, so I get a little hit of them once a week or so. Since finishing the series, I've read a few Supernatural fanfics.  One a little schmoopy, one that, by all rights, should've been a crack fic but wasn't (kudos to the author for pulling that off), and the one I'm reading now is pretty dark. I'm going to need more schmoop after this one.

Zee: Been busy with family so haven't had that much time to read. But I did get around to reading Chloe Neill's High Stakes! Which I really enjoyed! I really want to start Susan Ee's Angelfall soon. I've been thinking about it since Wench Merit reviewed it!


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