Quote of the Day

Generally speaking, "in" did not play with the big boys. In fact, it barely had much of a definition at all, and, in the course of its working life, was usually nothing but a bridge, a conduit for the heavy lifters in any given sentence.

There was, however, one context in which that humble little two-letter, one-syllable jobbie was a BFD. 


The difference between someone "loving" somebody versus being "in love" was a curb to the Grand Canyon. The head of a pin to the entire Midwest. An exhale to a hurricane.

Now I know why he...

As Blay sat on the floor of the exam room with Qhuinn's loose-as-a-goose body in his lap, he couldn't for the life of him remember what Layla had said next. Had it been "loves you"? In which case, well yeah, he knew that the guy loved him as a friend and had for decades. And that didn't change a thing.

Or had it been the addition of the "in."

~J.R. Ward, Lover At Last


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