Fangirl Fridays - 'Tis the Season of Joy

This Friday, I'm not going to gush about a person or a band that I love, this time I'm going to gush about a season... the Christmas season. People who know me are well aware of how much I love Christmas time and all the preparation leading to it, some have even started calling me Jóla-Beta (Christmas-Beta) when I get into the holiday spirit. It's usually in August when I start thinking "Ooh, December will be here before we know it! I must start making gifts!" And I'm that... adorable... person on Facebook who puts up statuses like "Yay, it's Friday!... Oh, and just so you know it's only 88 days until Christmas!!" (Which starts here on December 24 at 6 pm) I can't for the life of me understand why some people don't like those statuses... muhaha.

So yeah, I love Christmas! You could even call me a Christmasaholic, and let me tell you few of the reasons why, after the jump.

Cookies: No, December isn't the only month I eat cookies, far from it.. sadly, having the sweet tooth that I do, but it is the month when the kids and I bake some of our favorite ones, the ones that we only have this time of the year. And with the baking of these scrumptious treats comes the first scent of Christmas and delicious taste of yumminess!

Lights: I love all the beautiful Christmas lights! They sure bring out the holiday spirit and they brighten up the darkest month of the year. Plus they're so pretty to look at. And the candles, we love candles! We use them a lot during the winter but even more in December, they're so cozy, warm, peaceful and calming.

Decorations: Christmas tree and ornaments, what's not to love! I love decorating the house and the Christmas tree.
 Well, the kids have taken over decorating the Christmas tree, but I keep my eye on them, you know, to make sure my OCD doesn't get all itchy *wink*

I also love making things to decorate the house or the tree, I just wish I had more time to do so!

Christmas Books, Movies and Music: The wonderful, once a year entertainment, that I look forward to all year. Sitting in front of the TV, watching my favorite Christmas movies with the kids or getting cozy with one of the classic Christmas books, the lights out (the regular ones) and the candles and Christmas lights on, is the best! Add some of the scrumptious treats and a hot cocoa and it's perfect. And the music, listening to Christmas music is not only a sure way to bring out the cheerful, holiday spirit but it also makes everything fun, even house chores!

Presents: I love giving presents! I love shopping for people I love, whether it is picking out something from a gift list or trying to think of something perfect them... mind you though, I don't love looking for empty parking spots, or the crowded shops :) What I love the most is making the presents myself when I can. Oh, and I love getting presents! I'm such a kid when it comes to getting presents.

Family: I love preparing for Christmas with my family, I love our traditions, our Christmas dinner, reading Christmas cards from the people we love and admiring the handmade ones, opening the presents, watching movies, playing board games, meeting family and friends, all the laughter and closeness, I just love it all. Of course we do all these things other times of the year but Christmas time just makes it more special and joyful. Spending time with your family and enjoying your time together, making the most of it, which we often forget other times of the year.

I could go on and on about why I love the holiday season and explain it in more detail but this should give you an idea about how much I love it. I hope so anyway, and to be honest I really must dash, since I'm joyfully busy preparing for Christmas! And once this publishes, I'm probably going to be in my Snoopy winter pyjamas, enjoying time off from work, spending the day with my kids and hubby, eating cookies and Clementines... which by the way is another thing I love about Christmas! Eating lots and lots of Clementines.


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