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Side Characters We Wish We Knew Better

Catherine Crawfield, Merit, MacKayla Lane. Over the course of their respective series, we've come to know and love these characters inside and out. We can predict how they'll react to a situation, we know their favorite color, what they like to wear, and what their favorite food is.

But what about the other, not-often-talked-about characters in these books, characters we've never met or haven't met in depth? That's who I'm here to discuss.

There were actually so many, that I decided to focus on three of the Wenches' favorite series. Those would be the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost, the Fever/Dani O'Malley series by Karen Marie Moning, and, of course, Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill.

Some of the characters I'm going to talk about we know a little better than others, but not well enough to satisfy our curious Wench minds. So read on after the jump to see which characters we'd like to get to know.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!!

The Fever Series
Ms. Moning created such a lush world, that we are always clamoring for more information about it. We still have several books to go, between the two upcoming Dani O'Malley books and the much-anticipated return to Mac and Barrons for an additional two books. So, some of our questions and speculation may be answered still, but there are several characters we Wenches would like to know a little more about.

The Concubine
The Concubine is a real conundrum of a character. We rarely see her and we never hear any words from her. I'd love to hear her version of V'Lane's tale. Did he trick her? Did she trick him? Did they love each other, or were they each just using the other as a way to gain power? Did one of them love the other and it wasn't reciprocated? What made her turn on the Unseelie King? Is this what she intended all along, or did this plan come together over the centuries that she spent in his mansion? What were her true intentions with the Sinsar Dubh, good or evil? I could go on and on with the questions, but I'll spare you. As I'm sure a lot of you have the same questions. I hope that, in one of these books, we'll get to revisit this character and learn some of the answers to these questions from her directly, not through V'Lane's tinted eyes.

The Unseelie King
I have nearly as many questions for the King as I do for the Concubine. Most of all, I want to know, if he could take it all back and not create the Unseelie Fae and the Sinsar Dubh, would he? Or, even knowing what he knows now about his concubine, would he still do it all again? I'd also like to know if he has taken other forms that we've run across throughout the course of the books. What will he do now that he knows his love has betrayed him? There are so many more. I really would love to see some version of this character again. If it happens to be the Dreamy Eyed Guy version...all the better.

We saw Lor briefly as part of The 9 through Mac's eyes, and now he plays a much larger role in Dani's books. I am loving getting to know him, but I want to know more. Ryodan is Barrons's right-hand man, and Lor seems to be Ryodan's. He and Dani don't exactly hit it off, but they are both a little tough to take in. I ended up loving Lor, though, and can't wait to read more about him. He seems pretty damn spectacular, just like Ryodan and Barrons.

Dancer was my first addition to this list. I am still not 100% sure I trust him yet. There is just something that is not kosher with him. I can't put my finger on it, but that's the feeling I get from him. I think after the US King/Dreamy Eyed Guy reveal and V'Lane, I'm hesitant to trust someone who is secretive and keeps things as close to the vest as Dancer does. So, I want to know all I can about him. I want to make sure that he's actually a friend to Dani and not just using her as a means to an end. He has the potential to be a very powerful ally, if I could just trust him.

Honorable Mention: The Remaining 9
I'm hoping we'll learn more about the rest of the group throughout the next books. Not only learn about them as individuals, but learn a little more about what they are, as well. I know some things are best left to the imagination. But what can I say, I'm a curious person and I'd like to know all Ms. Moning is willing to give me about these enigmatic men.

The Night Huntress Series
As the Night Huntress series reaches its conclusion, breaking Wench hearts as it leaves us, we can't help but reflect on Ms. Frost's world of vampires, ghosts, and ghouls. There is one Night Huntress book remaining and one book left in its spin-off series, Night Prince. And though she's been hedging around this question, several of us Wenches are convinced that our beloved Ian will get his own book some day, too. But two, possibly three, books, isn't a lot of time to cover the things we want to know. There are several characters we want to know a little more about.

I am so unbelievably curious about Tenoch. He is Vlad's and Mencheres's sire. He must have been the most powerful and feared vampire ever. Just think about how feared Mencheres and Vlad both are. Now combine Mencheres's telekinesis, telepathy, and visions of the future with Vlad's pyrokinesis and Bones's regeneration ability. Tenoch had ALL of those abilities. He had to have been the most badass vampire ever. I know he's dead, but I'd like to learn so much more about him. What was he like? Was everyone terrified of him? Was he actually a very gentle person like Mencheres? Or was he more like Vlad, all temper and cold rage? Can we maybe get a flashback of him or at least some stories? I need to know more about this wickedly powerful vampire.

The long-lost fourth friend. We already know a ton about Bones, Spade, and Ian. But we know virtually nothing about Timothy. We know that he, too, was changed on the same night as Bones and Spade. He was actually the only one to request the change. But we've never met him, and he's rarely spoken about. We're told that he went on a quest to try to find Cain, the first vampire. And Ian thinks he's dead. But I'm not so sure. I think he might turn up yet. He may not be in the best of shape, mentally, but I just have a feeling that he's still out there somewhere. I'd like to know a little more about him as a person, too. What is his background? Was he a peasant, like Ian and Bones, or a noble, like Spade? Why was he on the ship? Where has he been all of these years? What is his personality, or what was it before his "quest"? Is he a Master now, as well, or is he still under someone else's line? There's probably not time for him to show up in the remaining NH book. But maybe he turns up in Ian's theoretical book?

Veritas is the Law Guardian we've seen several times throughout the books. She is a very ancient and respected vampire. She looks very young, but she's at least as old as Mencheres. And she's a Law Guardian, so we know she's pretty powerful. We also know that at one point she's done black magic. But that's about all we know about her. I'd like to learn more about her away from the Law Guardian setting. What is her background? Who is her sire? How old is she exactly? What were the circumstances of her use of black magic? Head Wench Barb is convinced that Veritas will be Ian's HEA. I'm not so sure about that. But I do think that they'd be hot together. Though I'm not sure how Ian would deal with his woman being stronger than he is. It'd be fun to watch him deal with it, for sure! From what little we've seen of her, I think she'd be good for him. She wouldn't take any of his crap and she'd keep him in line. Will this happen? Only Ms. Frost knows for sure. But, either way, I'd love to learn more about Veritas.


I know what you are thinking. We already know a pretty fair amount about Annette. But everything we know has been seen through Cat's admittedly biased eyes. I'd like to get to know Annette without Cat's bias. We know her background and how she became a vampire. But we don't really know that much about her as a person, besides her unconditional love of Bones. That's the only thing Cat focuses on, so that is nearly all we know. There has to be more to Annette. What is she like when she's not around Bones and Ian? How strong is she? Is she strong enough to be a Master? What does she like to do when she's not helping them out of jams? How long have she and Ian been friends with benefits? Will we ever see Annette get an HEA? I'm hoping that maybe in Ian's book we can see Annette through his eyes and gain a little more perspective on one of Bones's oldest friends.

Honorable Mention: Doc
Several of us were fascinated by this sharp-shooting vampire. We would really like to see him again. Learn a little more about him and his skills. I'm not sure we'll ever get our wish, and sometimes characters like that are better left shrouded in mystery, but I really hope we can see him once more before the series draws to a close.

The Chicagoland Vampire Series
Ms. Neill is a genius. Plain and simple. We absolutely adore her and her characters. Four of us Wenches went to one of her tour stops for her most recent book, Biting Bad. While there, she was asked about a spin-off series, because there were so many people and creatures the readers want to learn more about. I could think of so many that I actually had to limit myself, so as to not completely overtake this piece. That is how rich and colorful Ms. Neill's world has become over the course of the series.

The Siren
At the aforementioned book tour, one of the characters Ms. Neill mentioned wanting to revisit was the Siren, Lorelei. The entire audience responded with some form of an affirmation. We all want to see the Siren again. She's obviously very powerful, since they thought she might have turned the entirety of Lake Michigan black. But she also has a little home in the lake and a partner who loves her. I think we would all like to see them again, to learn a little more about her magic and what she's capable of. She was suffering from the dark magic used on the lake. I'd like to see what she's like when she's well and whole. What else can she teach Merit? Does she ever leave her little island? How do they get any supplies they need? Lake Michigan storms can be worse than hurricanes, how do they weather those storms? Or do they not affect her? Does she have any alliances with any other magical creatures, like the trolls or the nymphs? Or are they enemies? There are so many questions that I'd like answered. I hope that, before the series's end, we can gain some insight into the fascinating Siren.

Peter Cadogan

Peter Cadogan, founder of Ethan's and Merit's house, would be fascinating to learn about. He was obviously quite powerful, since he was granted his own House. But what was he like besides that? Was he like Ethan, calm, cool and collected? Or was he more like Merit, spunky and sassy? Would he have liked Merit? How would he have dealt with the GP and its actions toward his House? Would he have seceded, as well, or did he have enough sway to avoid this? Would he have wanted to avoid it, or would he have taken the same actions as Ethan? Is he proud of how Ethan has run his House since his death? What would he have thought of vampires and shifters going public? Most importantly, I would like to see he and Merit interact with each other. I'd like to see how Merit would handle meeting Peter, someone who is so respected and revered by Ethan. It would be sort of like Merit meeting Ethan's father. Would Peter treat her as such? Or would he and Merit gang up on Ethan and tease him to no end? Obviously, it'd be a little hard to meet him without some sort of flashback, but maybe Ethan can tell us (and Merit) a little more about him.

​Amit Patel
Amit Patel....Ethan's bromance partner and, by all accounts, the strongest vampire in the world. A lot of my questions for Amit are similar to my questions for Peter. But, the most important one is, would he like Merit? Would he like the relationship that has grown between Ethan and her? I really, really hope we'll get to meet him one day. I would think, with all of the GP strife that's been going on, having the strongest vampire in the world as your BFF has got to have some sort of benefit, even if he does prefer to keep to himself and stay out of the vampire political world. I also want to hear more about this bet that ended in Ethan's tattoo. But, more importantly than that, I would love to hear some embarrassing stories about Ethan. What else are long-time friends for, than to embarrass you in front of your girlfriend? I'd also like to learn a bit about Amit's background. Who is his sire? Does he have his own House, or did he at some point? Just how strong is he? Oooooh.....you know what else I'd like to see? An Ethan/Amit sparring match! That would be awesome. And hot.

Scott Grey and His Family
We got to see Scott in action a little bit more in Biting Bad. But we also found out that he has, essentially, a wife and kids, too. Now, Scott is too old to actually be those kids' father, since he's a Master of his own House. And, as far as we know, vampires are incapable of reproducing once they are turned. So is he a stepdad, or does Scott know something that we don't? Something that might or might not be relevant to Gabriel's baby-with-green-eyes prophecy. Assuming he is a stepdad, how did he meet the mother? How long have they been together? When and how often do they see each other? Do they stay at Grey House sometimes? Do she or the kids get any backlash for being so closely tied to a vampire? I'd also like to learn a little more about Scott himself. Besides being a sports fanatic, what is he like? He's a Master, so obviously he's strong enough, but how strong is he? What were his scores on the vampire ranking system? What are his feelings towards Merit? How would he react to learning about Jonah's Red Guard membership? Is he thinking about leaving the GP, as well? Hopefully, we can learn a little more about Scott in the coming books. Either through my personal favorite conduit, Jonah, or from Scott himself.

Honorable Mention: Tanya Keene
We've learned a fair bit about Gabriel, and we'll be learning a lot more about Fallon. We know a few things about some of the other siblings. But we know very little about Mrs. Gabriel Keene. We see her a fair amount, but Gabriel is usually the one who does the talking. I'd love to hear what Tanya has to say. I'd also like to see her in action. I can't imagine Gabriel being with someone who's a shrinking violet. But I'd like to see some proof of Tanya's badassery. I'm not sure that's a word, but I'm sticking to it. I think it's appropriate when talking about this family.

Well, lovely readers, did you like my choices? Are there any other characters in these series whom you would like to know more about? What about other series that I didn't cover? Personally, I'd love to know more about Owen Johns from the Cut & Run series. What other characters do you want to get to know and love? Let us know below!!


  1. Great choices. like you're in my head. ;) I must say my number one is Scott Grey...I've been hoping CN gives us at least a novella about him. He seems like a really cool guy. Also, Ian must get a book. He's a real mystery and I can't wait to learn if he's a good bad guy or a bad good guy... LOL. :D


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