Quote of the Day

Ty finished off the drink, shivering as it went through him.  He set the glass down with a loud clunk.  "You're not the only one who fights things every day, Garrett.  Yours are just harder battles, closer to the surface.  Mine..."  He swallowed and peered around the bar, taking in the overwhelming mystique of something ageless in the air and in the city.  It shimmered.  He didn't finish what he was saying, lost in the glow until he felt the touch of warm fingers on his hand.

"Grady, come back,"  Zane said quietly.

Ty tore his eyes away from the shimmer and met Zane's gaze.

"That stuff must have a hell of a punch."

"Easy to get lost in," Ty murmured.

"Yes," Zane said under his breath.  His facade cracked, and suddenly he looked devastated.  Like he'd given up.  "You are."

~Abigail Roux, Touch & Geaux


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