What the Wenches Are Reading

There's a new release on the horizon for some of us. For a few of us, it's time to get our asses in gear and read the books recommended to us during Wench Angela's reading challenge! Some have given in to the irresistible lure of an old flame and are reading about our favorite (very sexy) vampires. Halloween is almost upon us, and other than a few well known monsters from the classics, we're also hanging out with Valkyries and Demons again, for old time's sake. We've been busy getting our hearts broken, reacquainting ourselves with some old favorites, and basically venturing into a lot of different worlds, old and new!

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Amanda: I'm still killing time with my Touch & Geaux reread. Only 2 more days until Archangel's Legion!

Angela: It has been a mixed bag of reading this week. I read Plan B by SJD Peterson. I enjoyed it, as it was just the right mix of lighthearted, angsty romance that I required. I have also started Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson #3) by Patricia Briggs and can't wait to see what the walker is up to next. So far, the Fae aspect is intriguing. I can't wait for this to be fleshed out more. I am also gearing myself up to start Drums of Autumn (Outlander #4) by Diana Gabaldon, for our Goodreads November Book of the Month.

Anne: I'm finally getting back on track and I'm going to pick up the first Wheel of Time book this week!

Barbara: I began last week so excited that I had read an entire Hollows book in less than a week, and was looking forward to reading on, with White Witch Black Curse. But as the week wore on, I found myself not picking up my Nook. Boo. I think that I need to take breaks between these books, like maybe two at a time is my max. We'll see. But I knew I was restless, and when I skimmed the highlights in my Night Huntress books, it just made me happy. So I am starting to reread that series, beginning with Reckoning, the Bones novella that takes place shortly before he meets Cat. If you haven't read the NH novellas, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. Jeanine Frost is absolutely fantastic with novellas. I'm planning to move on to Halfway to the Grave upon completion on Reckoning.

Beta: Being sick all last week gave me the opportunity to read, and I managed to read what I had planned to and then some. I started out by reading Broken, Stranger, and Switch by Megan Hart, and liked them all, but Switch a bit less than the other two. Then finally, I got my hands on Allegiant by Veronica Roth, a book I had eagerly been waiting for, especially since it was the last one in the trilogy. I was excited to see how the author would wrap up her story and the world she created that I had been enjoying very much, and well, all I can say is I was SO utterly disappointed. So much that I don't think I'll ever read a book written by her again. For me, too many things felt rushed. There were unnecessary killings, and one that made me feel like it was done just for the shock value. There were too many huh? moments and plotholes, and even though there were occasional good bits in the book, they got lost and ruined with each chapter as I got closer towards the end, where the author was really busy forcing too much onto the reader — well, this reader anyway. So yeah, this book was a major disappointment. After I got over my frustration, I picked up Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland, a book that Wench Merit recommended to me for our challenge posts and which you'll be able to read my review of soon, and I really, really LIKED it! I'll definitely be reading the next one as soon as I can. Then, last but not least, I've continued reading The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon, which has been taking me way too much time to read, I'm ashamed to admit.

Care: I have been so crazy-brain-dead gearing up for Hallowe'en and trying to keep up with this sports thing, that I've been settling back at night with some old friends. This week, I've been reading Armed & Dangerous and Stars & Stripes. I'm steeling myself to head into Touch & Geaux ahead of a fangirly third reading of Shock & Awe — it truly is that awesome.

Kat: This week I read the first four books of the Guild Hunter series. I'm enjoying the angel/archangel storyline and am surprised with how much I actually enjoyed them. Angels aren't usually my cup of tea, but Raphael has changed my mind.

Kathi: Read The Circle by Dave Eggers, a fast-paced techno-thriller that, like George Orwell's classic 1984, explores themes of totalitarian menace. Set amidst the utopian campus of a mega-successful corporation known as the Circle (obviously modeled on a Google/Facebook/Twitter conglomerate), it reveals a society that voluntarily, even eagerly, relinquishes its privacy to the Circle's vast array of social media and networked tracking tools. It examines the alarming ease with with people often give up privacy and the ramifications of that loss. This is a fast-paced book with a powerful message, made easy to consume by its minimal development of anything not directly related to getting the message across. It's a compelling story and warning. Look for my review coming up soon.

Merit: I've been reading Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani, the first book in the BSG trilogy. This is the book Barb "made" me read for "The One where One Wench Made another Wench Read a Book". As I told Barb, I have mixed feelings about the story; I'll write it all in my post. I'm reading now a historical "Gothic" romance with a murder mystery, Heart of the Hunter by Linda Anne Wulf. So far, quite interesting.

Natalie: Good day, Wenches! All these new books and one would think I could get some time to read. My goal this week is to start some of the newer books. It amazes me how much I read last year compared to this year, just goes to show that life is never the same two years in a row! It almost makes me wish I were sick again so I could have time to read, but health is a good thing to have. Hope you are finding great books to read.

Shau: I'm doing a bit of rereading, Immortals after Dark. We'll see how many of them I'll go through by the end of the week.

Veronica: Last week I told you about the Supernatural fanfic I was reading, Smoke & Lightning, and how I fell in love with the first book, but was kind of iffy on the start of the 2nd. Well, it turns out the 2nd book was okay, but not my favorite. However, I finished all 4 books in the series this week, and I lurved it!! The series spans about 10 years, so you get to see the boys throughout their 20s and beyond and how they mature. There is also a lot of family involvement, and it really works in this series. Really. I loved the books so much, and the character growth was done so well, that upon finishing it I immediately started rereading the first book, so I could revisit my boys and remind myself of where they were when they started their journey. *sniff*

Zee: I've been in a Halloween-y kinda mood. Not a fan of all the weak stuff in pop culture nowadays, so I went back to the classics! The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde, Turn of the Screw, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, and At the Mountains of Madness. Other than those, I started Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind. Haven't made much progress, though, since I got distracted by all the other books. Planning on starting Melmoth the Wanderer when I get a chance.


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