What the Wenches Are Reading

Claudette Colbert

For the Wenches with time to read, our choices are all over the map this week! Most us have have books on our plates that were recommended by other Wenches, while a few of us are rereading old favorites, fanfiction, or gems hidden in our e-readers.

Click through to find out what’s captivating us this week, and tell us what you’re reading. Leave us your recommendations, too. Our TBRs aren’t nearly long enough!

Amanda: I am still reading Touch & Geaux this week. Oh, how I love my Ty and Zane!

Angela: This week I read Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson #2) and loved it. Mercy is a slightly older heroine for the UF world, at the worldly age of 31. Imagine me winking at you here. She runs her own business, has her own trailer, has-yet-to-be-discovered talents and a knack for helping people even when others think she shouldn’t. I also finished off Dash and Dingo by Sean Kennedy and Catt Ford. I have to say it was a bit of a disappointment for me. After adoring the previous two books by Sean Kennedy and raving about one of them on the blog, I really wanted to have enjoyed it more. The humour felt forced and the villain was very anticlimactic. Why build something up only to have it end really lamely? At least that was the case for me.

Anne: I haven’t been doing much reading recently. I had a death in the family two weeks ago and it hit me pretty hard. So, I’ve been sticking to light and fluffy Supernatural and Cut & Run fanfiction. I’m hoping to get back on the reading train this week.

Barbara: I am so excited that I read an entire Hollows book, from start to finish, this week. And really liked it! The Outlaw Demon Wails is the sixth Hollows book, and it’s the first time in several books that I wasn’t squicked out by everyone telling Rachel to do things she wasn’t comfortable with. It was a great balance of action and Rachel’s inner monologue leading to personal growth, with a dash of life-changing revelations, leaving me excited to move on. I’m a chapter into White Witch, Black Curse, and looking forward to Rachel’s further adventures.

Beta: I haven’t been reading anything lately. I was in Edinburgh the weekend before last and had a FANTASTIC time with my sis, but since I got home I haven’t had much time or urge to read. Hopefully, that will change this week ’cause I have two books that I need to read soon, Allegiant from the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth, which will be released this week, and Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland, which Wench Merit challenged me to read.

Care:  So, my life has been ALL HOCKEY ALL THE TIME this... well, it feels like forever, but really it’s only been since the beginning of the month. As a result, I’m dabbling in the oh-so-fun UnFuck-Your-Habitat, which came, oddly, on a recommendation from Abi Roux — and since I’m re-re-re-re-re-re(ad-infinitum) reading her Cut & Run series (this week has been Divide & Conquer as well as Armed & Dangerous), I felt it appropriate. Why not let the books take over my life a little — I feel less like Mooselandia Hockey Mom that way.

Kathi: Finished up the Charley Davidson series with Fifth Grave Past the Light. I enjoyed this humorous, light-hearted series very much! It was a refreshing change from the more intricate novels I’ve read lately. Like the many Wenches who recommended them, I liked book 5 best. Looking forward to the next book in the series! (There will be one, right?!?) Also, where can I get an Ozzy GPS!!!

Merit: I’ve taken a break from the Sabina Kane series after reading the 3rd installment, Green-Eyed Demon, a book I enjoyed, real entertainment, but then I needed a change of atmosphere. Searching through my Kindle I found this one: Confession of a Courtesan by Elizabeth Charles and Deborah Hale. This historical novel is based on a real woman, Elizabeth Armistead (1750-1842), who made her way from the London gutter up to become one of the most well known courtesans of her time, and later, the wife of one of the most famous politicians of that time. It’s a story of strong will, courage (even if it comes from necessity), the value of friendship, and even love. The writing is not even — some chapters are captivating, some drag on — but it is interesting enough and gives a different point of view of that era.

Natalie: Hello, Saucy readers. Well fall should be a great time for me to snuggle up with a great book, but with all the change in weather it’s just been rather busy. I have just not had the time to read, even with all the new books I’ve gotten my hands on, but one day soon I’ll get back to reading. Hope you are enjoying the change in season and are getting your hands on some good books.

Veronica: I’ve been reading a 4-part Supernatural fanfic, Smoke & Lightning. Each part is novel-length; the first book, Heavy Metal Thunder, is easily in my Top 10 fanfic list. It’s one of those you shutter yourself up in your house and read in a day or two. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the second book, Born to Be Wild. I’m not as crazy about this one, but I’m sticking with it. The first book was sooooo good, I’m having a hard time believing the quality of this one has dipped so much, and the characters to me just don’t seem like the same characters. So I’m hoping at some point I’ll get back the characters I recognize, and that a plot is going to show up sooner or later.

Zee: I’m FINALLY getting around to the last Sabina Kane book, Blue Blooded Vampire. Other than that, with all the Halloween-themed stuff on TV, I feel like rereading some of my old gothic faves. Let’s see if that happens!


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