Quote of the Day

Gideon Art
The simple fact was, he loved her. Loved her with every breath in his body, every cell in his blood, every bone and organ he possessed. 
He loved her to the depths of his very soul. Had only taken five minutes after she'd walked away to realize it.
She was strong and courageous, she understood him in a way no one else ever had. She teased him and never seemed annoyed that he couldn't tell the truth. No, she was amused.
She was beautiful and fit him perfectly. 
He couldn't think straight when she was gone because he could only think of her. Could only wonder where she was and what she was doing. 

Wonder if she  missed him, needed him, thought of the pleasure they'd brought each other and could bring each other again.
~ Gena Showalter „The Darkest Lie


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