What the Wenches Are Reading


As the seasons change, it's the perfect time for reading, whether it be old favorites or new discoveries, and the Wenches are taking advantage and reading wonderful books. Most of us are reading Wench recommendations, while a few are exploring some darker themes, or lighter young adult series.

Click through to see what has grabbed our attention this week. And be sure to tell us what you're reading, in the comments below. Remember, our TBRs are never long enough!

Amanda: Water for Elephants...again...I need to buckle down and finish it already!

Angela: This week I am reading a recommendation by Natalie called The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon. A great read. Heart wrenching and makes you want to tear things up with how emotional it is. The story is partly about mental health and what happened within mental institutions starting in the 1960s. Have tissues handy.

Barbara: I'm still working on For A Few Demons More (The Hollows #5). Between being busy with life, suffering a book hangover after the fantastic Sabina Kane series, and this being the book where I took a break last time, I'm finding it a challenge to power through. Hopefully I'll finish it this week and move on to the next one. Even though I know that there is heartbreak ahead.

Beta: I just finished Insurgent by Veronica Roth and I am impressed; I've really enjoyed reading it! I didn't have much time reading this week, so I was only on chapter 5, but when I finally had time on Sunday to read I didn't put down the book until it was finished. Now I'm experiencing a first for me... eagerly waiting, alongside with my daughter, for the next one, the final one in this trilogy, which comes out on October 22nd.

Care: Okay, this week I kind of made up for the lack of prolific reading over the last few weeks... the problem is, I read the same books multiple times! This week, I read (and reread) Tigerland by Sean Kennedy — which I absolutely ADORE. Simon has the best one-liners, and though he might be difficult, he's SO me. Also, Force Majeure and Dishabille, respectively, both by Arden Aoide. I cannot stress how much I love these books. I swear, they are what Fifty Shades was promised to be and more. Where 50 fell flat for me, with a flat hero and an annoying heroine, the Apprivoisé series has characters that just feel REAL. And good LORD do I love them. Big, puffy-heart, crazy-go-HAWT love these books.

Donna:  I also started rereading a favorite — Tempest Rising (Jane True #1) by Nicole Peeler. Jane is a breath of fresh air, and I am enjoying the beginning of a wild, funny, and entertaining ride, er swim. Some of the reasons I love Jane so much are her offbeat sense of humor, loyalty to her friends, and excellent taste in books. If you haven't given them a try, I wholeheartedly recommend this series.

Kathi: Finally got around (back?) to the Charley Davidson series and read First Grave on the Right. (I tried a couple of months ago, then bailed halfway through because Jamie Fraser was cast for the Starz Outlander series and I HAD to reread Outlander.) I'm enjoying reading this lighter, more humorous series. It's a nice contrast after reading Dr. Sleep last week. Charley is fun and Reyes is intriguing.... Started Second Grave on the Right and am looking forward to the rest of the series.

Merit: I am in the dark! I've read the Dark Duet trilogy by C.J. Roberts. This might be a gritty story about the trafficking of women, about sex slavery, but really this is the unlikely story of Olivia/Livvie and Caleb, the kidnapper and the woman he abducted. This story made me feel all kind of emotions: horror, anger, lust, pity, disgust, love, hatred.... It is a dark, raw, twisted, and disturbing story. Still can't make up my mind, do I like this? Can I even say "like" in connection with such a story? How come I couldn't stop reading it? As soon as book 1 ended, I started book 2 and then 3. This series is NOT for everyone; some scenes are really cruel and gut wrenching. One last thing, this is far from the real life of female slave trafficking; this is still a romance, even though it's beyond dark.

Natalie: So I've been trying to make my way through the Chicagoland Vampire books, but September has carried over into October when it comes to my being busy. However, I might just have to put down the Great Chicagoland Vampires for a moment as The Enchanter Heir (book 4 in The Heir Chronicles) has just been released. When I was at my local Barnes and Noble book store buying The Enchanter Heir, the clerk advised that not only is author Cinda Williams Chima going to be at a book signing in my area, but so are the authors of Beautiful Creatures — oh, and Rachel Caine, the author of Morganville Vampires. So I have a bunch of fun stuff coming up. I want to get at least The Enchanter Heir done before October 14th when I see those four great ladies! So let the reading begin!

Shau: I'm starting Nicole Peeler's Jane True series. We'll see where it takes me.

Zee: Loving Jaye Well's Sabina Kane series! Just finished the 4th book and am having a hard time moving on to the 5th. Sigh. The ending of the 4th was pretty emotional and upsetting. Between dealing with that and the flu, I just haven't been able to pick up the 5th book. But I will asap!


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