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Cleveland Public Library's Reading Garden

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Angela: This week I’ve been reading Promise of Blood (Powder Mage #1) by Brian McClellan. It’s an okay read, but not totally amazing me yet. I do like that all the action is happening within a small geographical area.

Anne: I  finished and loved Burn for Me. Now, I'm on to the upcoming White Hot.  It's really great so far. In the audio world, I'm still working my way through Goblet of Fire

Barb: I finished River Road, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It took me a lot longer than I had hoped because life is a bitch sometimes. But I finished it and am looking forward to reading more in this series. But I couldn't put off Wildfire any longer, and read that sucker in about a day and a half. I ignored my husband and dog, and then I read a bunch at work. It was superb. I'm utterly awed by this series from the very beginning to the end of Wildfire. I hope there is more Hidden Legacy in the works, because this is the single best paranormal romance I have ever read. White Hot hits your shelves and eReaders in six days, Saucy Readers! Plan accordingly. 

Donna: No reading time for me.

Kathi: It’s that time of year when gardening chores eat up most of my reading time. Last week, I planted my vegetable garden, and this week I planted a bird-and-butterfly garden in my Mother’s back yard. But I did finally finish my reread of Midnight Marked! Now on to Phantom Kiss! I’ve been saving that one and am excited to finally read it for the first time! 

Merit: Lisa Renee Jones reading spree, that’s where I was all week, reading her Careless Whispers trilogy: Denial, Demand, and Surrender. The series is a spin-off of her Inside Out series, which made me more than interested to know what happened to Ella, Sara’s friend who disappeared in Paris at the beginning of the Inside Out series that I read last week. The trilogy was a fun read for me: clever, beautiful, strong women, charismatic, wealthy and powerful men, explosive passion, criminals and heroes, and fast-paced action. Lisa Renee Jones’s signature and writing style are all over the place.

Zee: Blade Bound totally cured me of my reading funk. I reread most of Immortals After Dark in the past week, and realized I really want the series to end so I can know what happens and for Nix to get her HEA. I then reread Burn For Me, which is still amazing, and then White Hot and Wildfire ARCs!!! You guys. Those books. I have literally not a single negative thing to say about them. They are PERFECT. I loved them so much. I then finally got around to American Queen. Which was an interesting read. And right before bed last night picked up Alyssa Cole's An Extraordinary Union: A Novel Of The Civil War. It comes so highly recommended. And I fell in love with the cover. I usually avoid romances set during that period in America, but something tells me this one won't be problematic. I'm already in love with Elle. Can't wait to finish it.


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