So Many Questions: Wild Things Edition

​I'm back again! This time with my questions on Wild Things. I have to admit, I didn't remember too much of this book. So, this reread was enlightening. Keep reading below to see what questions I had about Wild Things!

Could the Brecks over throw the Keenes?
"Michael and the old man disagree on various things," Finn said, gaze falling on the point where Michael had disappeared into the darkness. "Including having vampires in residence."
Between Michael's temper and the family money, would the Breckenridges try to over throw
Gabriel and the Keenes? Obviously, Michael disagrees with a lot of Gabriel's stances on things. Do they have that kind of cache and power amongst the other wolves? Would Papa Breck even allow that to happen? What about Nick? He seems to be the most reasonable one of the Keenes, after the whole threatening Jamie situation was resolved. Speaking of, would Jamie's little magical problem preclude the Brecks from having the political capital to over throw Gabriel? Also, how much did the vampires have to pay the Pack to attend Lupercalia? Ethan says they paid Papa Breck, but how much was it?

Did the RG actually handle vampire drama before Merit and Cadogan took over?
​I also messaged Jonah, my RG partner, to let him know we’d made it safely to the Brecks’ house.      YOU’RE RUINING ALL OUR RG FUN BY HANDLING THESE THINGS.      IT’S NOT BY CHOICE, I assured him. DRAMA FINDS CADOGAN HOUSE.      SO I SEE.      I made him promise to tag me if there was trouble.      YOU’LL BE IN THE FIRST FIVE, he cheekily promised.
Did Jonah and the RG actually handle issues before Merit?  Because, from what we've seen of them, they don't really do jack shit unless Merit asks them to. Was there any vampire drama to deal with before Celina made her little announcement? How did they determine who would handle the issues? Do they each have a set of skills that would determine who handles each problem? Also, how many RG members are there worldwide? Do they stay in their specific areas or do they travel to wherever they are needed most? Especially the Rogues? They are more mobile than the Housed vampires. Do they travel to help other areas with their problems? Or, are there enough RG members that his isn't an issue?

What other animals are in the NAC and the other packs?
Not all shifters were wolves, and the Pack's sounds were just as varied and cacophonous. Howls, screeches, feline roars, and screams that might have been birds of prey.
Obviously, we know that Jeff is a tiger and the Keenes and Brecks are wolves. But, what other animals are there in the pack? Are there different animals in different packs? For example, since the NAC is based in the Midwest are their animals mostly Midwest native animals or does that not matter? Are wolves the most common shifter? What would happen if, for example, a wolf and a tiger had a child? Would the child be one or the other? Like dominant and recessive genes? Or, would he or she be some sort if mixture of the two?

Mayor Kowalcyzk's campaign platform and subsequent rule sound mighty familiar.
"As much as I appreciate Detective Jacobs, your premise requires her to use rational thought and logic. I'm not certain she's capable."
Someone who ran their campaign based on racism and discrimination and seems incapable of rational thought and logic? That seems awfully familiar to me for some reason... 

Do harpies actually exist?
Ethan,” I yelled over the rising din, adrenaline beginning to rush through me. “Nobody told me harpies existed!”      “I imagine nobody knew it until today,” he said, pulling a dagger from his boot and gesturing for me to do the same.
No one seems sure whether or not harpies are real? Are they? If so, how did no one know
about them until now? Also mentioned in this book are non-river trolls, incubi, sylphs, dopplegängers, and leprechauns. What kinds of powers do those creatures have in this world? Why haven't we seen them? Are none of them native to the Midwest? Are there any other creatures we should know about? Also, we know Messengers/demons exist. What about actual angels? Do angels exist or are they just the Seth Tate side of Messengers, as opposed to the Dominick Tate side?

Is Merit saving Tanya and Connor from the Harpies the debt that Gabriel owes her?
"Thank you for saving them.”      I nodded, smiled. “You’re welcome. I was glad to help.”      But his expression stayed serious, his eyes deep and fathomless, the sight of them enough to raise goose bumps on my arms."As in much of life," he quietly said, "it could have gone the other way."
Is this the debt that Gabriel owes Merit that has to do with her saving his family? Or is there something else that will arise? How much danger are they in that Gabriel foretells it and feels he will owe Merit such a large debt? This didn't seem like that much danger, but what do I know.

Merit worked her way through school?
My father may have been wealthy, but I’d worked my way through college and grad school, and I’d bled, quite literally, for the pay I’d earned as Sentinel. I had the scars and aching cheekbone to show for it.
Hold on, now, Merit worked her way through school? Really? Does she mean like she
worked for her own spending money or she worked to pay her tuition? Regardless of Joshua's feelings on Merit's choice of education, I think he would have paid for at least undergrad. These days, it's basically expected for kids, especially rich kids, to go to college. Regardless, what jobs did she have? We know that she TA'ed, but what else did she do? Did she have any scholarships or grants or loans? Did Joshua pay for grad school or doctoral school?

“I need to run down to the grocery store at the other end of the shopping center. We left Chicago in a hurry, and I need to grab a few things.” I cleared my throat. “A few personal items.”      Vampire or not, the mention of unspecified “personal items” was uncomfortable enough to send both of them—the tech genius and the rugged shifter—into awkward foot shuffling and throat clearing.
I've read a lot of vampire books and the one thing never mentioned is whether or not female vampires still get their periods. Almost universally, vampires can't have children, so I always thought that their periods would stop too. Was I wrong? Do shifters not know the answer to this either? They both seem the kind of uncomfortable that means women talking about their periods around men. If female vamps still get their periods, I'm rethinking the whole being a vampire would be cool situation. Getting your period every month for eternity instead of just 40 or so years? No thank you. Hard pass, immortality be damned.

The elves in this world sound kind of terrifying.
"Elves,” Jeff said. “At least, that’s what they looked like. They’re relatives of the fairies—mutated relatives. They look even less human, so they had an even harder time assimilating. They call themselves the People. Believe they are the highest order of sentient beings. Everyone else is Other.”      “Early Europeans found them, hunted them down,” Damien continued, looking around, wincing when the move strained his shoulder. “They were believed extinct. Looks like that’s fundamentally wrong.”
They attack a huge gathering of shifters, they kidnap a vampire. Their physical description
sounds kind of like the elves of Middle Earth, but their lifestyle seems really brutal. How have they evaded civilization for so long, if they were thought to be extinct? Are they just that brutal that they killed anyone who came across them? Are they able to use magic to keep people away? Ethan paints a pretty horrifying portrait of their way of living. Killing without remorse, slaughtering the weak and the elderly. Maybe it's for the best if they just stay in hiding. Humans definitely don't need to know they exist. Are there any other supernatural creatures that live like this? They should be sequestered away from humans too.

How rich is Merit's father, exactly?
“Do that,” Ethan requested, and ended the call. He looked at me, humor in his eyes. “If I had a dollar for every time your father sought to buy his way into our favor—”      “Then you’d be as rich as my father,” I said with a smile.
Is one of the richest men in Chicago or is he so rich he's on like Top 100 richest people lists? How does the Merit wealth compare to the power of Cadogan's compound interest? Without the GP, how much money does Cadogan have? Also, how does Cadogan bring in money? I know there is a tithe that each member pays, but they must bring in other income as well. Or, are they very well invested in various stocks and other interests?

Gabriel's sister-in-law is impressive.
Lethal hit the hardwood floor on his back, then slid ten feet backward. His eyes were closed.    We looked at Emma, who shook her right hand, the knuckles split and dotted with blood. A hank of brown fair fell over her eyes, and she blew it up and out of her face.
Emma is impressive. She has great fighting skills and is a great leader. We know from Howling for You, Jeff and Fallon's book, that an Alpha's mate is expected to be strong enough to help them keep the Pack under control. If this is what Emma can do, imagine what Tanya is like. It's a shame, really, that we haven't yet seen Tanya fight or use any of her other skills. I'd like to see that some day.

What happens when a Pack member defects to Alaska?
“She’s a troublemaker. She planned to defect back to Alaska. But she didn’t make it to the airport because someone intercepted her."
Does the Great Northwestern Pack just accept everyone, regardless of circumstances? Do the defectors have to prove themselves to the Great Northwestern Pack? Is defecting the shifter equivalent of vampires going Rogue? Are the defectors required to move to Alaska if they are not in a Pack? Or, is that just something they do because it's their homeland in a sense? Plus, there's a lot of space and not a lot of people to get entangled with.

A vampire child....
“A child. The first vampire child. Do you know what a miracle that would be? Or what a strength? What a boon to the North American Houses?”
Yes, Ethan, a vampire child could be a great strength for the American Houses. But, think of
what a weakness it would also be. How many people would want to study that child and try to replicate what you did? How many supernaturals and humans alike, would want to kill that child just because he or she exists? Think of the leverage enemies would have over you by threatening or, god forbid, kidnapping that child? A vampire child would be an amazing thing, but think about the weaknesses it would bring about for you and Merit and your House.

Ethan can do something without pretension?
Ethan took without quarter, gave without pretension.

How is there a waiting list for a spot in the Cadogan garage?
“What’s this?” I wondered.      “Your garage code,” she said, smiling mirthlessly. I guessed she wasn’t thrilled that a peon so far down the chain of command had won access to the garage. Helen was adept and capable at her job. But she was the growly sort, and she had very specific opinions about who deserved the spoils of Cadogan House . . . and who did not.      But I wasn’t going to look a gift Helen in the mouth. I glanced at the code, memorized the numbers, and tucked the paper into my pocket.      “Thank you,” I said. “I appreciate it.”      She grumbled something about “waiting list” but headed down the hallway at a brisk clip.
You are immortal for God's sake! It's not like someone is going to die of old age and you'll get a rent controlled apartment. How does a garage space open up? Has a space ever opened up? How long is the waiting list? Who's been on it the longest?

How did both Mallory and Tate avoid charges from the CPD or the Feds?
Maybe that was what irritated me most—that he’d gotten a clean slate, free and clear. Tate hadn’t stayed in Chicago to face the consequences, to tell his tale, or to pick up the pieces. I had to give Mallory props for sticking around, fessing up, and trying to make it right.
I'm certain that Chuck had a hand in it, but did Mallory avoid actual criminal
charges? Tate, we know fled, and does eventually turn himself in. But, what would they even charge him with? Human laws can't really keep up with supernatural creatures and their dealings. Mallory, is human, though. How did she avoid any sort of trial or jail time? The order had her basically arrested. How did she get out of any repercussions from her foray to the Dark Side?

Does this mean the elves might come back again?
“The pact has been fulfilled,” Gabriel said.      “For now,” the elf agreed. “We will see what the future holds.” They turned on their heels and began the silent march back to their wood.
Are the elves able to see the future as well? Do they see something in the future that will prompt their return? Do they just not trust Gabriel and the Pack to stay out of their business? Is THIS where Merit will accrue Garbiel's debt, when the elves return?

Well, that's all I've got for you, Saucy Readers. Did I miss any questions you had from Wild Things? Stay tuned for Blood Games questions, coming soon! 


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