Wench rant about Alex Craft Series (#1-4) by Kalayna Prince

There are 4 books in the series so far; Grave Witch, Grave Dance, Grave Memory and Grave Visions. Book 5 is coming out in July, Grave Ransom.

Alex can speak to ghosts and tries to help them out with their unfinished business or if they died as a result of a criminal activity. She often works with the cops. 

So far these books have been good. I just can't put my finger on what's bothering me. 

Follow me after the jump and pick my thoughts (beware of slight spoilers).

I like Alex, but she frustrates me. I had hoped she'd get a bit more control of her life and that she'd stand up to those who try to control her in some way. She acts tough and strong but everyone around her is able to control her in some way. Her father, John, Death, the Winter Queen...She doesn't actively fight their influences. She knows it's a manipulation or a trap but she just plays along and waits for it all to play out.

I expected her to grow up through these three books and see when she's being played and tell them all to f*** off.

Falin is the first on that list. Sure, I like the guy, but come on!!! He's the Winter Queen's bitch all the way. He literally can't say no to that woman. Alex knows this and still has him in her life in some way or another.

Death knows that the two of them can never really be a couple yet he still leads her on and seduces her all the time. He's super old and should be able to keep his distance, but he's acting like a love sick fool.

John - he's supposed to be her friend and not dump on her when he doesn't need her. But Alex just accepts his admonishments and behaves as if she truly is guilty of everything he's throwing at her.

Her Father is using her for something in some kind of a big game he's been playing for a very long time and Alex is aware of it and ignores it.

Her friends are constantly in her face about her work and ability and make her feel guilty all the time. Alex just accepts the blame and all is well.

Anyway, I expected the main heroine to have some self-respect and tell them all that if she's such a nuisance in their life they can all just get lost. I keep waiting for her to take control of her life and play it how she wants but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. I think she won't even put up a real fight against Falin moving in with her. She'll just mope around, be sad, probably sleep with him, he'll probably betray her again and she'll just roll with the punches because she's a dumbass.

Honestly, I won't be reading these any more, mostly because they just don't change. Always the same, no growth.


  1. I hear you. I'm up to date on this series as well, but find the love interests annoy me. Both seem like unrealistic choices.


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