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Angela: Another Dresden Files book completed White Night (Dresden Files #9). I have a tentative hope that I might be able to get up to date on this series this year. Will see how I go.  Again a stellar cast of secondary characters and a story that kept me turning the pages.

Anne: I've been reading some old fanfiction favorites, some of which have been published as actual books. In the audio book world, I finished Azkaban and started River Marked, the next Mercy Thompson book in the series. I'm also starting to think about what audio book my husband and I will listen to on our road trip to Florida to see his parents. Any suggestions?

Barb: I finished Royal Street, the first in the Sentinels of New Orleans series, which I LOVED. I haven't been this excited about a new-to-me UF/PNR series in quite some time, so I'm especially grateful to Wench Merit for reviewing it. I can't wait to devour the rest of that series. I was deep into that book when I discovered that the second book in the extremely impatiently anticipated Hidden Legacy series was coming out at the end of May. Saucy Readers, we LLLLOOOOOOOVED Burn for Me and have been waiting for White Hot for almost three entire long years. So I requested that ARC, not thinking that it would be in my hot little hands the very.next.day! But that is exactly what happened thanks to Ilona Andrews's amazing publicist at Avon books. Oh, the conflict! I finished Royal Street and tore myself away from NOLA to reread Burn for Me, which I didn't let myself do back in 2014, because the next one was soooooo far away. I forgot a lot of what happened so it was almost like reading the first time and it is still one of the most perfect UF/PNR books I've ever read. Anyway, I finished Burn for Me in three days and have just started White Hot. I expect to be lost in Hidden Legacy for the next little bit, because *looks around; whispers* I have Wildfire, too. 

Donna: I haven't had much reading time this week. The Sudden Appearance of Hope by Claire North is still on my nightstand, patiently waiting for me to discover all its secrets.

Kathi: This week I finally finished rereading Dark Debt and moved on to Midnight Marked! With any luck, I’ll get around to reading the final book in the series before I get spoiled, because I’m purposefully avoiding the online discussions so far.  

Merit: I finished Blade Bound, the final installment in the Chicagoland Vampires series. Guess most of us don’t need any introduction to Chloe Neill’s wonderful series. I don’t want to tell too much, I’ll just say that though we have the familiar action with Methan and the gang rushing in to save the day and the city, I feel an air of nostalgia within the story, a kind of wrap up with CN reminding us of all the characters we learned to love (or hate) of how it started for Merit,  and for Darth Sullivan... Showing us Chicago as a character in itself and giving us a cool guest star appearance of a new evil sup, a thing I really loved and a glimpse into the future. I’m really happy with this book.


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