When The Lights Go Down

Goodnight, Sweet Prince.

Was there really anything else we could talk about today? The universe has lost it's most unique star, and it's hard to really think about a world in which Prince isn't around erasing labels and boundaries, being his amazing self, awakening things in people they can't even name, and creating music that transcends genres. And yet, here we are. 

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How does one put into words the sheer brilliance of someone who has influenced decades of music, generations of listeners, and pop culture in general? And how do I do it without repeating things that a thousand other people will have done since yesterday? I can't. 

What a time it was to be alive, growing up, while Prince was on his epic journey, making music and affecting lives. Some people really ARE magic, and Prince was pure, undiluted, brilliant magic.

I've known hardcore metalheads who loved Prince, hip hop fans, rock fans, country music fans, he's one of the very rare artists who crossed those genre lines like it was the easiest thing on earth. His music spoke to something in all of us. Struck some chord deep within our spirits, tugged at some strings in our hearts. 

It's impossible to think of a time when Prince wasn't playing on our personal soundtracks. Whether we were dancing like it was 1999 or not understanding what Cream had to do with sex, but knowing that that was the sexiest thing our young minds had ever seen, his music has always been a part of us. 

And we have to mention how unbelievably sexy he was. In a world where sexy for men is generally defined by abs and machismo, Prince was petite with a style that didn't conform to masculine standards, but the way he moved, the look in his eyes, and that sly smile all ensured that he was always the finest example of sex on legs that I have ever seen. 

Prince was ahead of his time, by decades. He celebrated the human experience in a way no artist had before, or after him. Sexuality wasn't binary. Sex wasn't dirty. Women were participants not just objects. And the Alpha male took on a whole new fabulous meaning.

That smirk, those eyes, everything about him, awakened something in all of us growing up listening to him. 

His music videos and performances were another amazing part of his creativity that managed to convey every aspect of his extraordinary personality.

So here's to Prince, artist, musician, visionary, performer, and all around epic being. Your lasting impact on us all will make you the immortal you should have been. 
"No one else in the whole universe will ever compare. I am yours now, and you are mine and together we'll love through all space and time." 

You will be missed.


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