Review: Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor by Jon Scieszka

Frank Einstein books. Another round of education-in-entertainment... Edutainment done well! Frank Einstein books each cover a different area of science (this one covering matter!), and uses it to pull together a great invention, fuel a plot, and actually teach!

This one is generally not going to be a good book for adults who aren't interested in children's lit. However, if you have a little one who is looking for something to read, or you're looking for a good read aloud, this is a fantastic choice. In Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor, Frank, and his friend Watson, manage to pull together a pair of self-assembled artificially intelligent robots for the local science fair.

Frank can't really justify entering a pair of robots who built themselves into the competition, even if he did design them and start them on their way. And so, Frank, Watson, and the robots - Klink and Klank - start work on an antimatter motor. They go over states of matter, what antimatter is, how much energy it creates, the speed of light, the various areas of science, and the uses for their science.

They cover not only the usage of the science, and its practical application, but also how it might go wrong, and how others might misuse their inventions. It's engaging, and it's fun, and Mad Natter and I both enjoyed not only reading it in the evenings, but listening to the audio book as well!

Mad Natter tore through not only this book, but also Frank Einstein and the Electrofinger, and Frank Einstein and the Brain Turbo - and he is anxiously awaiting book four, which is expected sometime soonish!

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