What the Wenches Are Reading

Feverborn release week has come to an end. Those of us who went to NOLA for the release party are home and getting back to real life. A couple of us are starting to dig out from Snowmageddon (sorry, Zee!) and all but two of us are reading Feverborn or suffering it's after-effects. Book hangovers as far as the eye can see. Click through to see who is stuck in the Fever world, and who our rebels are. And give us suggestions! We're wrecked from Feverborn, so we need some suggestions!

Amanda: I'm reading Feverborn!!! The weekend in NOLA for the Feverborn launch was amazing beyond words. I had such an awesome time with Barb, Zee, Anne, and Natalie!! The Q&A exceeded my expectations. How wonderful to see KMM's personality come out and realize how much I really like HER, not only her fantastic stories! Can't wait to do it again! 

Angela: This past week it's been all about Kalayna Price's series Alex Craft series. I've finished off Grave Witch (1) and then promptly moved onto Grave Dance (2). I'm enjoying the series so far. It has a mix of fae, ghosts and magic which I find riveting. The plot is fast paced and there is plenty of action to keep me going. Next up I'm reading Grave Memory (3). Then I'll have read the series before Grave Visions comes out February 2nd. 

Anne: I finished Feverborn! I'm still processing and book hungover. I don't really know what I'm going to do next. Maybe go back to my Iced reread. I'm also about halfway through The Fiery Cross. I'm starting to contemplate my next, break-from-Outlander audio book

Barb: As with most of the Wenches, I read Feverborn this week. I have absolutely no idea where I'm going to go from here. Book hangover is the word of the day. 

Care: Now that it's not tournament week, I've had a little more time!  This week, I've been reading up on a new skill - GMing!  It's time to teach my kiddo how to play tabletop RPGs, and I've never run before!  So, Pathfinder ahoy, I read everything in the Beginner Box, as well as some lesson plans!  Then, because OMG, she's the best, Avery Cockburn sent over an ARC of Playing With Fire for review, and I've been LOVING EVERY MINUTE of my return to Glasgow!  

Donna:  I finished my reread of Burned and immediately cracked Feverborn open. I'm determined not to inhale it, but to sip it slowly like a fine wine. Good luck with that, right?

Kathi: This week I read Feverborn, twice. Still basking in the bliss of a new release, savoring every word of catching up with our friends (and fiends) in Dublin. Will be busy pondering what it all means for a while.

Merit: Like some other Wenches, I’ve read Feverborn. Now, I’m rereading it, slowly this time. The first time I just devoured it, stopping only for the daily necessities. My thoughts fly in different directions; no conclusions yet, still processing the story, the characters, the direction it takes. Two things:1. I like Ryo more and more. 2. Mac faces her greatest challenge, at last! 

Zee: So Feverborn smashed my book funk into smithereens. I'm sitting here ruined for all other books, so will probably start another reread of Fever. Or at least read Shadowfever, Iced, and Burned again. If you haven't started Feverborn yet, get on it!!


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