What The Wenches Are Reading

Happy New Year, Saucy Readers! There's a lot of Fever going on around here, with just two weeks until the release of Feverborn! There are a few other choices sprinkled in, but mostly it's Fever time at the Saucy Wenches! What are you reading?

Amanda:  I am SO enjoying my reread of Burned! Fever.Never.Gets.Old. Also, I got a new Kindle Fire HD8 for Christmas, and I am having fun reading on it and exploring all the awesome features! 

Angela: I've finally decided I need to get on with my Reread of A Game of Thrones. Now I'm racing through it. I told myself I had to finish it before I could start The Martian.

Anne: I'm still working my way through Shadowfever. I'm not going to be done with the series in time for Feverborn, but I don't care. I'm enjoying going slow. I also started the Fiery Cross last week. A ton has happened and we're still on the first day of the book!

Barb:  Still reading Iced. I don't know why I'm dragging my feet on this one. I also snapped up Tarryn Fisher's brand-spanking-new novel. F*ck Love. Chock full of wisdom, I couldn't put that thing down. Maybe now I can finish Iced and reread Burned. I don't think I'll get it done in the less-than-two-weeks I have before leaving for the Feverborn release in NOLA. Ah well.  

Care: I've done no reading this week. I'm sad, but between hockey, more hockey, prep for second Christmas and post-travel recovery, I figure I'm doing well to just be upright!

Donna: Happy New Year everyone! I didn't do the complete series again, but I really wanted to reread Burned. Feverborn will be released in just a few short weeks now, so I want to keep things fresh in my mind. I think it's safe to say all the Wenches are REALLY looking forward to Karen Marie Moning's newest installment in the Fever series. Yay Mac!

Kathi: Shadowfever, baby!! I spent the weekend under the garage with Mac and Barrons. *fanself* I tried to read slowly, but I couldn’t. Almost done, then it’s on to Iced.  I also binge watched The Fall, and saw Jamie Dornan’s character scribble in his notebook a T.S. Elliot quote from The Hollow Men that appears in Shadowfever

Merit:  This was abusy week for me: I tried to go on with my rereading of the Fever series, but didn’t manage much. Finished the breathtaking Shadowfever, started Iced and that’s about it. I hope to get to the end of Burned next week.

Zee: I am considering rereading Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles again after a conversation with Barb! (at least up to Blood Canticle!) Also revving up for my Fever reread in anticipation for Feverborn book launch in NOLA!!! Squeee!


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