What the Wenches Are Reading

It’s Fever release week, Saucy Readers!! For most of the Wenches, it’s all about Feverborn, which released yesterday! We haven’t been simply lounging around waiting, though. Five lucky Wenches joined legions of other fans at the release gala in New Orleans!! And some of us finished our series reread too soon, so we had a chance to discover something fun to kill time with, check out a new author, or grab the latest installment in another popular series.

What are you reading this week? Let us know below in the comments!

Amanda: I’ve been reading Burned. Since I only got halfway through my reread, I’ve got to cut my losses and start Feverborn on my way home from New Orleans! My fellow Wenches and I got our signed copy today (Monday) and met the fabulous Karen Marie Moning!!! Tomorrow is the Q&A, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear what she has to say!!

Angela: Traitor’s Blade (Greatcoats #1) by Sebastian de Castell was my reading for this week. It was a bit of mix of The Three Musketeers vs light Joe Abercrombie. So while it hinted at a bit of dark fantasy, the Musketeers vibe of light heartedness and sword fight after fight meant this wasn’t quite achieved for me. That being said, by the end of the book and a couple of well done plot twists, it meant I’m interested enough to see where the series goes.

Anne: I’ve been in New Orleans for the Feverborn release party! No time for reading! But, I did listen to two-ish hours of The Fiery Cross on the plane.

Barb: Yesterday I had to go home from New Orleans, but I’m writing this before I’ve left for the trip. So I’m guessing I didn’t get much reading done this week. Before the trip I was still slogging through Interview With the Vampire, and had put Iced on hold but hadn’t given up. I got my hot little hands on Feverborn two days ago, but I bet I didn’t read much of it. I probably started it while waiting around at the airport. I also bet it’s amazing. I’m sure next week will be all about Feverborn around here. Happy Fever release week, Saucy Readers!

Care: I’ve been living at the hockey arena (five of them!) this past week, and have been just wiped out. I have managed to get a little reading done, but it’s only the front sections of The Thyroid Solution, which pretty blatantly figures into all the crazy going on around here!

Donna: I’m almost finished with my reread of Burned — just in time for Feverborn! I’ll have a few days off soon, and I’m really looking forward to some quality reading time.

Kathi: I blazed right through Burned and ended up with NO FEVER BOOK to read for THREE WHOLE DAYS. Oh, the AGONY. So I picked up the highly recommended Regency romance Dreaming of You, which has been on my e-reader for just such an occasion, and polished it off. It was fun, entertaining, and simple enough that it didn’t knock all the Fever details out of my brain. Now, on to Feverborn!!

Merit: I’m on a Tarryn Fisher mini marathon. First I read F*ck Love. This love story is the tamest of her books so far. Still, it grabbed me from beginning to end: drama, romance, lots of angst, and a few smiles... Now I’m reading Never Never, a novel she wrote together with Colleen Hoover. I can’t stop reading, I have no clue what is going on here, and I’m already at part 2 (of 3). This one is such a mystery, so many questions, no answers yet, and one big love. Yes, Tarryn Fisher is the queen of emotional manipulation.

Shau: I’ve been reading The Dirt on Ninth Grave by Darynda Jones. So far it’s been good. I can’t say it’s the best one yet, but I like Charley more in this one than the previous book.

Zee: (Zee was busy enjoying the Fever party in New Orleans this week, lucky Wench!)


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