The Fever Series: Our Favorite Characters

Most of the Wenches, myself included, are waiting with baited breath for the release of the latest book in the Fever series, Feverborn. While doing my re-read, I remembered how many amazing characters there are in this series. This world is filled with interesting, well-developed people. So, I decided to poll the other Wenches and find out who their favorites were. But, I gave one caveat. They could NOT say that Mac or Barrons were their favorite. They are, obviously, all of our favorites which would make for a very boring post. And, I have always had a thing for the side characters.

Keep reading after the jump to see which characters we chose! Beware, there may be spoliery info if you haven't read Burned yet!

Let's just jump right into it with Head Wench Barb!

Sidhe-seers are in for a surprise when Kat gets back!
It's really hard to pick just one. Mac is one of my two favorite heroines in anything ever. Barrons ties for second best (anti)hero ever. I love every other character in the Fever series, except Rowena. Dani, Ryodan, Dageus (mmmmm Dageus), Lor, Jo... How do you pick just one. I'm going to go with Kat. Kat who escaped hey family's corruption only to be snared by Cruce. Kat whose baby-daddy is still unknown. Kat who carries the weight of the world in her head that had never been quiet. Kat whose head is silent for the first time in her life, who is becoming something stronger, something more. I'm very excited to see who Kat will be when she emerges and joins the battle again. That sidhe-seer is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Favourite character? Easy. Dani Mega O'Malley of course! While I didn't like where Burned took her character and I don't like Jada, I always loved Dani and her thirst for life, her passion and her energy. Her background just made me love her more and I'm curious to see where the character goes in the next book Feverborn. How will Moning make me love both Dani and Jada?

For a long time I struggled with an inappropriate attraction to V’lane. But as his true identity and purpose were revealed I eventually realized that I had been glamored and moved on. When I’m completely absorbed in a story, I’m living completely in the current moment, and right now that’s Dani and Ryodan, so these are the characters I’m most fascinated with. In particular, I’m most smitten with Dani in my current reread. I love her zest for life and her energy, and most of all her humor — her instantaneous comebacks, her direct delivery, her wicked snark — which packs an impressive punch because it weds such formidable intelligence and ferocity with such childlike innocence and purity of purpose. Jada might grow on me too, we’ll see in Feverborn, but right now I’m surprised at how much I’ve grown to love Dani. KMM did a remarkable job evolving this character, who was initially rather annoying. And with Ryodan, but that’s a different blurb.

Christian. Always, always Christian. Mac and Barrons are my ultimate faves but other than them, Christian has to be it. Despite it all, he's a character I've been invested in since day one in some way. And I've only grown more attached to him. His story has taken so many dark twists and turns that I've been kept on the edge of my seat when it comes to him. I loved him when he was just a lie detecting cute guy Mac met, I loved him when the well hung Scot tempted Mac in the silvers. I loved him at the brink of his Unseelie insanity, when he gave himself up so Dani wouldn't have to choose, and I love him still, rescued from the grips of the crimson hag. He is easily one of the most layered characters whose journey to supernatural badassness and inhumanity we're witnessing. And while I love the mysterious nature of the origins of the Nine, watching Christian BECOME something more than what he was when we met has been an intense, unforgettable, terrifying, beautiful, and painful adventure. My one hope for him is that he manages to hold on to that in him which is Oh so human. And that he gains some semblance of peace. Oh, and that he realizes he should stop blaming Mac and Barrons for what happened to him.

We all love BB&B!
I can't choose Mac or Jericho? Well, that makes it tough! In that case, I'll choose Barrons Books & Baubles. Okay, you don't think it's a character? I beg to differ. BB&B is no ordinary bookstore. It's much larger on the inside than it appears on the outside. It is able to mysteriously heal after damage is done to it. I've always thought of it as a living entity with thoughts and feelings. BB&B is much more than a major setting for several of the Fever books. It is the most amazing, beautiful place I've ever imagined in a book.

Dancer never caged our Dani!
It's not easy for me to pick only one. I love Kat, but Barb wrote everything I thought about Kat and more, and I'm happy about it. So I'll go with the one that piqued my curiosity the most while rereading the series, Dancer. First of all, Dancer lets Dani be herself and doesn't try to control her like some others do, he gets her completely, cares about her and helps Her so much, even saved her life in Iced. He is highly intelligent, and good looking, but is he human? He talks to Barrons and Ryodan like an equal. Mac's Unseelie followers give him a wide berth just like they do with Barrons and his men. I like him for being there for Dani and for making me curious and guessing.

Honestly? Even from two books behind, I have to go with Christian. I'm not sure why. He just grabbed me from the get-go. The first truly "normal" seeming person we encounter, he was kinda cool, kinda awkward, and really genuine. Does that change? So many things do. But it doesn't mean I don't love the hell out of him, and even if I have a hard time getting into Dani's head, it doesn't make me love Christian any less. So much journey, so much change, so much an allegory for actual, really-real life, and I love him.

It can't be Mac or Barrons? frown emoticon *sigh* Ok. Well...I do love Christian a lot, and I think he is such a wonderful man as shown by all his unselfish acts and adoration of Dani...but I'm going to say that Ryodan is my favorite. Explaining why is the hard part because...Ryodan is SUCH a JERK!!! He's the "bad boy" of Dani's possible suitors. He's always been an ass to Mac...but I secretly enjoy every single one of their banters. Ryodan is a brilliant man. He is the cold calculator; the brains behind the Nine. I have no doubt that he loves and cares for Dani, and he has been anticipating the woman she would become for a long time. Jada (Dani's all grown up alter ego) is blowing him away, and is exactly what he was waiting for. Those two are going to be amazing together. I have high hopes that KMM will make me love Ryodan as much as Barrons. Well, actually, I don't think that should be the goal. The goal is for all of us to love Ryodan and believe he is the best man for Dani. There doesn't need to be a comparison with Barrons because they are two very different men. I do believe Ryodan is Dani's HEA, and I am on board!

As for me, I'm going to have to go with Christian as well. What can I say that hasn't been said? That damn Scotsman charmed me from the moment he appeared on the page. For a while, it seemed like he was the only one that was actually trying to help Mac, not just use her for his own gain. Then, he ate Unseelie and everything changed. Like Zee said, we are watching his transformation happen right in front of our eyes. I'm hopeful that there is a way to undo this so he can go back to being Christian the Druid, not Christian the Unseelie Prince. But, even if his fate is sealed, I hope that he can find some peace and maybe a silver lining to this dark cloud. I can't wait to see what Feverborn has in store for him. And, as much as I'd love to see him with Dani/Jada, I agree with Amanda that she is fated for Ryodan.

Well, those are our favorite characters, lovely readers! Which Fever character is your favorite? Remember, it can't be Mac or Barrons! Let us know in the comments!


  1. Love the post! It took me back when I was obsessed with the Fever series. Good times!!


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