The Wenches Feel The Fever

Readers, you're well aware how we spend a lot of time anxiously awaiting the next Fever book and try to live life as normally as possible while we count down the days to release day.

That is definitely how we
feel between books.
This year, we had even more of a reason to look forward to release day, and we had one hell of an extended weekend. Words cannot describe how amazing it was, but I'll try. 

You guys know Karen Marie Moning's Fever series is what bonded most of us for life, so it's not exactly a surprise that we would do everything in our power to somehow make it to the book launches in New Orleans. Head Wench Barb made it for the ICED bash, and this year, a few more of us joined her. 

Click through to read just a few highlights from our amazing trip till we do an in depth post! 

We got to New Orleans on Saturday, Barb from NC, Anne from Chicago, Amanda from Baltimore, Natalie from Wisconsin, and me from Dubai, then MD, and the magic was palpable. My favorite thing, there were Maniacs EVERYWHERE. Fever fans had taken over the city, and it was a sight to behold. If you haven't read the books, just think... these are the kinds of books that would fill a city with it's readers for a book launch. THAT is the kind of passion they inspire. And if that doesn't convince you, well, nothing will.

We had an amazing ghost tour that first night, with a lovely bunch of Maniacs. The tour guide was great, the weather was nice, and the city was unforgettable. We got beads thrown on us, we laughed, we walked, we drank in the city's personality, laughed at the very dramatic ghost stories, and took lots of pictures.

(Picture from Natalie's phone)
It's amazing meeting complete strangers from different parts of the world you can just instantly connect with because you share a love for a story. Throughout the weekend I kept thinking about how absolutely fantastic it was for people to get together and bond over a book series, and how fucking fantastic the author is to give us this opportunity to meet and pour our passion into these events. The best part for me was hanging out with the Wenches and sharing this experience with them as fellow Fever zealots.
(Picture from Zee's phone)
The Feverquest the next day was a lesson in organizational skills, and just a small example of how freaking amazing Team KMM is! To put all that together, to make it fun, and for it to work out the way it did. WOW. 

We joined a group of KICK ASS Maniacs who were just the greatest! A group of 12 women that worked together, nobody rubbed each other the wrong way, we all hung in there till the end, and enjoyed the hell out of it even when tired and hungry! We came together as strangers and left as friends. (Mad props to Captain Joy and Sam for being awesome!)

After that was An Evening at Chester's hosted by Random House. And as you can imagine, it was AMAZING. We went as Saucy Pirate Wenches! An electric atmosphere, fun party goers in some pretty creative costumes, yummy desserts, amazing music, and the goddess KMM herself made it one hell of a party. 

From the Wenches' instagram.
The climax of the night, of course, was meeting Karen, who looked absolutely breathtaking by the way. She was beautiful, radiant, gracious, and just wonderful. You can just see how freaking ecstatic we are in the pic with her! Just basking in her wonderful presence was exhilarating!

I think we'll all agree though, that the book signing and Q&A the next couple of days were the really magical and profound moments for us as Fever fans. It was intimate, and special, it moved us to tears more than a few times. Talking to and just being around KMM was..... just indescribable. But we'll definitely try in our more detailed posts about the book events! (Posts will be coming soon!! We promise!) 

From Zee's phone.
These are just a few highlights we wanted to share with you, readers. We want to thank all the other Maniacs for being so great! We are SO grateful for how fucking amazing Team KMM is and their infectious energy and thank them for how smoothly things went and how fun they are! And we want to worship at the altar of Karen's sheer brilliance now more than ever because that woman is everything, and more than anything, her generosity with herself has astounded me. She gives us a part of her with each book, lays herself bare for us, and is as a writer. I can only imagine it's like ripping your beating, bleeding heart through your rib cage and offering it to your readers for them to do with as they please. And then, after that, she gives us her time and energy and a chance to just bask in her presence at these events. She talks to us, remembers us, makes us laugh and smile at the things she says, and answers our questions (Even when the questions suck!) and I am in awe of her generosity. I can't imagine a time we won't be fans of her and her books. 

We'll always love her.
So run along, read Feverborn! If you need a quick reminder of the events of Burned, read our spoilery Burned discussion and review here. And then do come back and talk to us about it! We'll be waiting!

From Karen Marie Moning's FB page.
*Just in case you want to buy it NOW (which I think you should, if you already haven't) you can get your copy of the book here on Amazon, and here at Barnes and Noble! 


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