What the Wenches Are Reading

Again this week, there's lots of Fever on our reading lists. With exactly one week until release day, the Wenches are scrambling to make sure that the important events are fresh in our minds. Also on our plates are The Martian, Outlander, and some Classic Anne Rice. What are you reading, Saucy Reader?

Amanda:  I'm still on Burned. Getting ready for an amazing weekend with Barb, Anne, Zee, and Natalie in New Orleans for the Feverborn book launch! Can't wait!!!

Angela: I'm still on The Martian by Andy Weir. I am loving it! I have seen the movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed and the book is pretty faithful to the novel so far. It's summertime here and there seems to be very little time to fit any reading in!  

Anne: I was able to finish Shadowfever in my Fever reread, which is what I wanted to get through before Feverborn. Iced and Burned are still somewhat fresh in my mind, though I'm still going to reread those too. I also got through quite a bit of The Fiery Cross as well. Finally got through that one super long, super eventful day and we're moving on to the rest of the story.

Barb: I'm still in Iced. I don't know what's wrong with me. I haven't read much the past week, only a while at bedtime. And at that I started reading Interview With The Vampire because of it's New Orleans connection and my trip there this week. I don't see me doing much reading over the next week, but I will be dropping everything for Feverborn in one week!    

Care: This week, we had second Christmas with the folks we missed when we were having the first one in Chicagoland. Then we took down Christmas at our house. I *finally* got my computer back to it's rightful place, I'm SO excited. Depressingly, this all has left little time for reading - especially with having to be Hockey Mom On Point for four of the last seven days. Most of the reading I've been doing has been health related websites, and that which wasn't, was education related for the smallfry. Lots of things on assessing reading levels, differing levels of giftedness, and thyroid issues, though!

Donna: I'm still working on Burned by Karen Marie Moning. The next installment, Feverborn, is coming out in just a week, so I better get my buns moving. By the way, I'm working on a personal book challenge for 2016, instead of a New Year's resolution. Burned covers "A book I've already read at least once" and Feverborn completes the "A book published this year" choice.

Kathi: This week I read Iced! And started Burned! I’m loving these books more as part of a series reread than when I read them separately. They don’t skip a beat, and I’ve been a LOT more emotionally involved with all the details fresh in my mind. Especially knowing what’s ahead in Burned! I’m verra bummed to miss the gala in NOLA with KMM and several Wenches, but I’ve got Feverborn to look forward to, so I have a feeling this week is gonna crawl by. And I’ll finish Burned with time to spare at the rate I’m going…


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