What the Wenches Are Reading


This week, readers, a lot of us are nursing serious book hangovers after some pretty epic reads. We'll probably be harping on about those books for weeks to come, so sorry in advance! 

While some of us are trying pretty much anything to get out of our book slumps, authors old and new, the rest of us have been getting ready to say goodbye to beloved series, and looking forward to the HEAs on the way in those books. 

Click through to see what the Wenches have been up to this week. And as always, share with us what book worlds have been keeping you up at night.

Amanda: Well, I'm going through a major reading slump. I don't know if it's because I just can't get into anything since finishing A Dance with Dragons (ASOIAF #5) by GRRM. Maybe it's because it's March Madness, and my heart is set on the University of Kentucky making history. Or, I'm just distracted by lot of things in Real Life. Anywho, I haven't finished Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling #12) by Nalini Singh. I tried to ditch it (with under 20% left) for Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #1) by Amelia Hutchins. I haven't been able to get past the first few pages yet.

Angela: After trying to start a couple of books and failing I finally settled down to read the Goodreads Group three month series read. The first book, Fortune's Pawn (Paradox #1) by Rachel Bach is outside my normal genre as it's sci fi. I love sci fi shows though, but have never really gotten into reading sci fi, It's nice to read something I wouldn't normally. 50% in and the book is really good. Note to adventurers - A ghost ship is never, ever just a ghost ship. Just sayin. Thanks Star Trek, you taught me that ghost ships are just bad news. Every. Single. Time. Also a bonus point for this series in my reckoning is it's a trilogy!!!!

Anne: CRASH & BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We finally got the last Ty & Zane book. I devoured it in one day and it totally wrecked me. Abi couldn't have given us a better final book. I'm doing a slow reread of it now. In audiobook news, I finished The Martian, which I love and highly recommend. And, I started Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I am liking that one too. I'm interested to see where this investigation goes.

Barb: After getting my hands on the remaining Hacker books, I promptly dropped the Captivated by You that I was reading, and jumped back into Meredith Wild's world. I thoroughly enjoyed the second book, which had a nice, dark twist on a storyline I had read before. Then the third book happened. Let's just say it was not for me, at all, and while I finished that one, I will not be reading on. Disappointed, to say the least. BUT! That series seems to have broken my small book funk, and I feel ready to conquer my TBR! First up, the final installment in Kristen Painter's Crescent City trilogy, Garden of Dreams and Desires. It's great to be back in New Orleans, if only on page. I'm still pretty bummed that this is the last one, but I am looking forward to seeing Augustine and Harlow get their HEA, as I'm sure they will.

Care:  Busy, busy, busy!!  First, I had to finish up Stars & Stripes. Then Touch & Geaux. Then Shock & Awe, and Ball & Chain. It was a squeeze, but I finished up B&C on Thursday night, and on Friday....  CRASH & BURN!  Oh, god, oh, god. It was EPIC.  Just...  No, I can't. There needs to be more on this. I'M STILL IN BOOK HANGOVER.

Kathi: This week I got to read the final draft of the first book of a YA trilogy that one of my good friends has written. It was a real treat, and I can’t wait for it to get published so I can write a review here. I also continued reading Going Clear, and all I can say is wow. If you've ever had a question about what’s going on with Scientology, you can probably find the answer to it and a whole lot more in this book. Absolutely mind-bogglingly, jaw droppingly fascinating. (I also just watched the documentary on HBO, and I thought the book was much better. The movie left out a lot of interesting stuff.)

Merit: I’m reading the final book in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles, As Shadows Fade (book 5).
This story is such an enjoyable read, interwoven with paranormal, historical, and fantasy lines. Our heroine, Victoria Gardella, juggles her way between vampires, dark alleys, gentlemen of the ton, and fancy balls. Kudos to author Coleen Gleason.

Zee:  I've reread Susan Ee's Angelfall and World After, and man. I love those books even MORE on my reread! Then I picked up the End of Days (the last Penryn book) ARC (I love you, Susun Ee and company) and I was basically lost in those pages till it ended. I didn't want it to end. I wanted to live in that world just a little bit longer. Sigh. I'm ruined for all other books right now.


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