Quote of the Day

"Chelsea needed a little help, but I did not force her," Charles answered. "She saw a chance for survival and she wanted it." He wasn't lying, Anna knew. But there was a sick feeling in her stomach. That was what Justin had said when she'd survived the Change - as if she'd wanted what was done to her and all that followed. "Use that," she told Kage. "To comfort yourself, because it is true she had to fight to live. But don't tell her that. Tell her you love her and need her. Tell her the kids need her. Tell her you tried to make a choice she might make. Tell her that you thought she'd want us to find the fae who did this to her so he couldn't kill anyone else. But don't tell her that her survival means that she really wanted this." When she said 'this' she motioned to herself. .... "Truth has many facets. Choose the ones that make her happy to be alive instead of the ones that make her want to smack you."


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