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...Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires!

Collage by Olga.
I do believe our regular Saucy readers have a fairly good idea about how much most of us love Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires series. We love reading the books, talking about them, and writing about them. Basically anything to do with them! So this post is just another excuse to obsess over them!

Wench Anne did a brilliant job before the House Rules release telling us her casting picks for one of our favorite series. Honestly, I loved most of her choices! But I thought, in honor of Dark Debt and how awesome it was, (read Barb's non-spoilery review here) why not do another one. Just for fun! And for the man (and woman) candy obviously. 

I will assume you have read the books up to Dark Debt! (It may contain a few character descriptions from Dark Debt, but nothing else.)

Here we go! In no particular order :

The Den Mother, Helen :

Described in the first book, Some Girls Bite, as 
"the woman, who looked to be in her late fifties. She had a short, sensible bob of steel grey hair and wore a tidy suit on her trim figure, carrying herself with a professional confidence."

I'd pick Dame Helen Mirren for the role of Helen. She has all the poise and class I imagine Helen has.

I can also see her as the woman with the impeccable taste who picks all of Merit's excellent fancy clothes to perfection! Has she ever gone wrong?  Wait till you guys see what she has in store for Merit in Dark Debt!

Darius West:

It took me a while to pick Darius. Mainly because I pictured him COMPLETELY differently than how he was described, and I don't really know why.

But after reading his descriptions again; tall, shaved head, sharp features, arrogant, aristocratic, and English accent with perfect diction, Ralph Fiennes seemed perfect!

Not forgetting that he is a great actor, I think Ralph Fiennes would do a great job as Darius, who seems to disapprove with EVERYTHING Cadogan related.


We have yet to see if Lakshmi shows up in the story again, but in House Rules, I was totally hooking her and Jonah up in my head (mainly to avoid any annoying future love triangles.), and the person who popped into my head was Hannah Simone (From New Girl.) I think she'd be a good choice for the member of the GP and RG.

"I glanced beside me, found Lakshmi at my side. She was absolutely gorgeous, tall and slender, with dark skin, and long, dark hair that waved at the bottom."

I'm hoping we see more of Lakshmi in future books! Still rooting for her and Jonah to end up together for some reason... 

Jonah :

I love Anne's Jonah pick! Jamie Dornan (From Once Upon A Time and BBC's The Fall) is gorgeous! (PS- #Graham4ever!)

When I think about Jamie playing Jonah, I can see why some might be on Team Jonah (sort of...) 

And can you just imagine him and Ethan sparring? Yes, PLEASE! 

Noah Beck :

I wanted to find someone who fit the tall, ruggedly handsome vamp that came to mind when we first met this rogue. 

I think Tyler Hoechlin fits the bill. He pulls of a couple of days worth of stubble really well. And just has that look that I think would fit a rogue vampire. 

He can look a little wild, and yet pretty handsome. And he looks good all bloody and battle worn too!

Scott Grey :

I've always wanted to pitch Sam Worthington as someone in casting posts, but till Scott Grey, it never happened!

Tall, dark haired and Master of Grey house, I think Worthington would be perfect for the role. He, like Scott, seems to prefer casual wear to Armani suits. (Not to say he wouldn't look perfectly good in one.)

Morgan Greer :

Once again, I adore Anne's pick of Colin O' Donoghue. But, bear with me while I tell you why I think Joseph Morgan would be PERFECT as Morgan.

Anyone watched him on The Originals? He is a BRILLIANT actor. And I know his hair isn't as dark as Morgan's should be, but hello, hair dye! 

He does the bratty vamp so well. The pouting when not getting his way. I can just see everyone start off liking him in Some Girls Bite and start to get annoyed by his sulking, and pettiness. (Till we find out more that is.)

Needless to say, I think he could pull off ALL of Morgan's many moods and tantrums. And look good doing it. He also has that "rock star" look Morgan tries so hard to achieve. 

(As always, doesn't hurt that he's pretty!)

Lacey Sheridan :

I really hate Lacey. So I didn't want to cast someone I love as her. But honestly, there is no one I hate that much. So instead, I just looked for someone who fit the part.

I like Rosamund Pike for the role. She's tall, slender and elegant like Lacey is described. And seems like someone who is more comfortable in expensive designer wear than jeans or sweats like our beloved Sentinel. 

I can just see her trying to dress up like Merit (Ha!) and failing miserably at ever being even half as awesome as Merit.

Nicole Heart :

Ah, Nicole. Who we thought was going to be another Lacey. Who changed the game completely in Blood Games.
 "She was striking, with dark hair and skin, and a lean, curvy figure."

I'll admit I've had a crush on Rochelle Aytes forever. She is GORGEOUS. But, I love that Nicole's description totally matches her! I didn't have to look far once I read it.
"Her hair reached her shoulders and was curled into soft waves that reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. Her eyes were tipped with dark lashes, her mouth generous and accented with shimmery peach gloss. Her cheeks two rosy apples. The effect was impressive. She had a movie star's bearing and a princess's grace."

I do think we've seen enough of her to last us a lifetime though. I don't like people who make Merit and Ethan unhappy. 

Margot :

"Margot was gorgeous, with a curvy figure and beautiful face, her seductive eyes accented by her bob of dark hair and bangs that fell to a point in the middle of her forehead."

How could this post be complete without mentioning Merit's chef!!!? Ethan does his best keeping our Sentinel happy, but without Margot, he'd have a much harder job! I think Ashley Greene would be a pretty great casting pick for this. 

She seems to have that perky and happy personality I feel Margot has. I can totally see Ashley Greene bouncing around happily in her kitchen to tunes while whipping up a fantastic meal for MEthan. And Margot in a little black dress... keep this image in mind for an awesome moment in Dark Debt!

Luc :
This one wore his slacks and dress shirt with discomfort, and from the strong set of his jaw, broad shoulders, and tousled sun-kissed hair, I guessed he'd be more comfortable in jeans and cowboy boots. 

I think Derek Theler (from ABC's Baby Daddy) would be a GREAT Luc! 

Luc in Cadogan colors. 

He's got the curly hair, the tall, sexy body, the all American good looks.

I mean, guys, do I even have to sell you on this casting choice? 

Bonus gif. You're welcome!

Lindsey is one lucky gal.
Lindsey : 

Who looked more like a fashionista than a member of Cadogan's guard. In Merit's own words.
Lindsey was blond, sassy, and thankfully, in my corner... She was decked out in her traditional blond ponytail, as well as a pair of designer jeans, stiletto heels, and over-sized sunglasses.

I like the idea of Dianna Agron for the very attractive Lindsey, our fave empath. And Merit's in-house bff. Whose weakness seems to be designer clothes and boots. And a certain cowboy.

And we can totally see her kicking ass as a member of Cadogan's guard! 

And occasionally enjoy being photographed by the paparazzi when she's wearing killer heels.

Catcher Bell :

I'm not a Catcher fan. Never will be. But still, whenever I read his description in any of the books : "solidly ex military",  "washboard abs", "muscular body", "full lips", etc, I always end up thinking of Stephen Amell. (Except I like Stephen Amell a whole lot more than I'll ever like Catcher.)

Count those abs, ladies and gents. 
Amell is also a great actor, which means he'd be able to pull off Catcher's sour personality pretty well. Too bad we won't get to see him smile often.... since Catcher sucks. 

He also wears fun tees! Like Catcher.
From Stephen Amell's FB page. 
Gabriel :

Ok, this is one of THE most difficult casting choices in the Chicagoland world for me (and Barb.) Till I came across this :

Once I was done picking my jaw off the floor and wondering how on earth I was late to this party, it hit me. Gabe. Perfect, gorgeous, shirtless strip poker playing, shifter royalty Gabe.

Tall, broad-shouldered, intensely masculine, sun-streaked, blond-brown shoulder length hair, snug-jeans and biker boots, leather jacket, earthy, impressive. That description was IMPOSSIBLE to cast for a long time. Till I came across Brock O'Hurn. 

He would be THE perfect Gabriel. From the awesome power of his mere presence, to his undeniable leadership. (All 6 foot 7 of him... yep, you heard me.)

You are welcome, ladies and gents. Do yourselves a favor, follow him on facebook, or instagram. I only regret it because I spend way too much time wondering how on earth he has SUCH great hair! I mean, really, how?! 

Malik :

I adore Malik. Something about the quietly intense vamp just appeals to me. Which is why you will usually see me moaning about not enough Malik page time.

Jesse Williams, in my humble opinion, would make THE perfect Malik. Solid, dependable, sensible Malik. Who is always there with his quiet wisdom and words of support for Merit and Ethan. And a capable Master in Ethan's stead.

 He has that quiet intensity, that kindness and seriousness I imagine Malik having. Plus, he's so pretty. I mean, just look at him. 

Can you just see him kidding around with Ethan, enjoying Merit's excellent food advice, and just being an all around great guy?

Mallory :

Mallory was a tough one, mainly because I went from loving her (minus hers and Catcher's almost Twilight speed relationship) to hating her, to wanting to forgive her, to finally getting there and being happy Merit has her bff back.

But then it hit me. Evan Rachel Wood would be the perfect Mallory. We have seen how bratty and bitchy she can act (a la Mallory during her "episode") in True Blood

Crazy (and unapologetic) with magic Mal?

Plus, this girl can pull off pretty much ANY hair style or hair color, and look amazing.

Her blue eyes swam with tears, a frown curving her cupid's bow mouth. She was extraordinarily, classically pretty, which was the reason she'd given for tinting her hair with packets of blue Kool-Aid. 

But most importantly, underneath it all, you can see the classically pretty, regular, awesome gal that Merit became bffs with oh so long ago.

Can you just see them staying up all night talking and eating mallocakes till they can't move? I can. 

Amit :
"A man stood in the foyer, around six foot tall, trim. He wore a pair of grey trousers and a white dress shirt. His skin was honeyed, his hair coal black, his eyes a doleful brown. His face was perfectly sculpted, his mouth sensuous, his brown eyes tipped by long, dark lashes and framed by dark brows."

Honestly, the first time I read Amit's description, Arjun Rampal immediately came to mind. (Being from South Asia, there were a lot of actors or models that could fit the bill, but he was perfect.)

Does it hurt that this is what he looks like without his shirt on? Nope. It doesn't. But I think he'd be great at playing the most powerful vamp in the world, and Ethan's dear trusted, respected friend. 


Just imagine what a pretty picture him and Ethan would make standing side by side. Lucky Merit.

Bonus pic, just because.

Merit : 

The most important casting choice. I love Lyndsy Fonseca. Anyone who has watched Nikita knows she can kick ass with the best of them. But more than that, she has this girl next door charm to her that I love. This is definitely a down to earth gal I could hang out with, she does't seem high maintenance, and has this sincerity about her that makes me think of Merit. Pretty blue eyes, pretty brown hair, those bangs, definitely Merit. And she has this extra something I think would definitely be irresistible to pretty much anyone. 

Need more convincing? How about Merit in leather?

Merit training and sparring?

Being sassy with Ethan or Catcher while training?

Getting her ass kicked by Ethan that first time?

Merit kicking ass in leather? (Minus the gun of course... add a katana.)

Merit in jeans and boots?

Merit the ex ballerina?

Merit the scholar?

Merit in the ops room?
Merit mourning for Ethan?

Honestly, Merit just being Merit!


I rest my case. She's one of the few actresses I can think of who could cover all of Merit's wonderful sides. And have us loving each and every facet of her personality. 

Ethan :

Ethan Sullivan, Master of Cadogan House. There are lots of tall, good looking, blond men out there. But really, only one man really screams ETHAN to me. Gabriel Aubry. I mean, come on, remember that first scene? When we first "see" Ethan? Lo and behold that tall drink of water!

I went into the series not really picturing anyone as Ethan, but when I read the "prettier than Beckham" line and then saw the above picture it just clicked. Who else would be prettier than Beckham really? And have you seen this man in a suit? Like Ethan, he looks like he's doing the suit a favor!

He has those beautiful, chiseled features.

Looks like a man who is comfortable being in power (in a suit.)

Looks just as good in casual wear.

Ethan and cars?

Ethan heading to the training room? (shhhhhh... forget the sunlight in that picture.)

And Ethan waiting for Merit in bed at the end of a long day. Lucky Merit.

Plus, these are two casting choices I see working well together as a couple and a kick ass team. They compliment each other.

THE END! If it feels like I'm missing a few important characters, it's probably because I loved Anne's casting (linked to in the intro) of that character so much I didn't even bother recasting them. (Like Chuck, and Celina.)

So, what do you think, Readers? Feel free to give us suggestions for our next casting post! Any other series you want cast by the Wenches? 

*NONE of the pics or gifs belong to the Wenches. All belong to their owners/makers. 



    Headcanon changed.

  2. I never even thought of Stephen Amell as Catcher, Evan Rachel Wood as Mallory or Lyndsy Fonseca as Merit! Those are absolutely perfect! And Gabriel Aubry has always been my Ethan, so glad someone else agrees!

    1. YAY! I'm always happy when I find more people who agree with me on Aubry! He just has that poise and class I see Ethan having! Glad you like the other choices!

  3. Pretty damn good choices on all fronts. There's a couple of characters that I don't know because I'm a couple of books behind but everything else is a homerun.

    Also, did Catcher do something horrible in the books I haven't read yet to make you hate him? No, don't tell me. I'll find out when i find out.


    1. YAY! SO happy you like my choices!

      Oh, and I've just never liked Catcher teehee. Sorry! You may notice it in past reviews and CLV discussions even though I TRY to be subtle :p

  4. Excellent picks ! My favorite is Lyndsy Fonseca as Merit and Ashley Greene as Margot.

  5. I never gave much thought to who would play Catcher but good choice and Brock as Gabe, hell yeah! I will have to think about casting choices for your next post on casting! Love your choices!

    1. THANK YOU!! If it wasn't for Stephen Amell, I would have just left Catcher out of the post honestly.


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