Fangirl Friday. Yes, I do still watch The Vampire Diaries.

I still watch Vampire Diaries. There I've said it. I just love watching it for all it's twists and turns. I enjoying see what mess the characters have to dig themselves out of now.

I guess Vampire Diaries is kind of what I term blob out TV. I'm not a Grey's Anatomy, Revenge TV viewer for my blob out television. Just a note that when I say blob out, I'm not meaning the show is terrible at all, it's just fun to enjoy and doesn't require any strenuous thinking on my part. I just love stuff with a supernatural bent and hence why it probably continues to hold my attention.

So here are some of the numerous reasons why I'm still watching this show and don't miss an episode. You might think some of them are just plain ridiculous, but hey it keeps me glued.

Entertain Me

I like to applaud Caroline Forbes. Her character was so much better once she became a vampire.  Perfect candidate for a vampire in my opinion. She went from annoying cheerleader to BAM vampire. 

I like to scream at Matt. "Stop letting those bloodsuckers drink your blood!! You aren't a blood bag!" That alternates with, "Matt you need to leave Mystic Falls. Like yesterday." Or I sometimes ponder that Matt should become a vampire killer. That would spice things up.

Jeremy all your girlfriends die. I would like him to have a girlfriend that didn't.  Because they die and then they come back, they die and then they come back. I need Jeremy to have a solid, human girlfriend. Thank you. Yes, Bonnie, Jeremy has zero luck with keeping the ladies. Abort. Abort.

I ship Elena not being with anyone. Certainly not either Salvatore brother. Elena is an essential element in the show, but I just think her relationships with the brothers is kind of been there, done that. Time to move on. Haha I laugh at myself, because when Elena was with Stefan I wanted her to be with Damon. TV viewers are so fickle. Elena you can be happy without a Salvatore. I promise.

Say it like you mean it Elena!

Everyone Elena knows eventually dies. Wait did they? No magically most of them seem to come back to life, unless they are her parents, or Aunt Jenna. Poor Aunt Jenna. In that instance dead really was dead.

Yip. I'd be drinking as well.

How is it possible to consume so much straight alcohol? Crisis drink. Party drink. Planning drink. If I was drinking straight alcohol, I'll be on the floor in two drinks flat. I admire their stamina.

Man Candy. You have to hand it to the CW. They do man candy extremely well. Yes I know that Damon and Stefan don't even look like brothers, but I can suspend belief just to stare at them for a while.

They need to learn how to make a plan that doesn't end in collateral damage of supposed girlfriends / boyfriends. Plans generally equal somebody dying. Maybe not always dying for real, but dying at least temporarily.

The Burning Questions

Is it ridiculous? Yes. 
Can no one die? No one can die if they are a main character. 
Can you bring characters back to "life" multiple times? Yes. 
Will Matt Donovan ever have a serious girlfriend? No
Will Jeremy Gilbert ever leave high school? No. Does he even still go to high school? Unsure.
Will Matt and Jeremy ever leave Mystic Falls alive? No.
Is Alaric sexy? Yes.

I'm With You Until the End

So are you still with me watching this show. Joy in it's ridiculousness and love of the vampire. I don't watch it to be educated. I watch the show to be entertained and it always does that for me. I'll be watching until the end and I can't wait to see what the creators of the show have install for the characters.

Go on. Tell me what show you still love to watch. Even if your friends no longer watch it.

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  1. I've watched the series up to the middle of season 5, then I couldn't watch it. You asked: is it ridiculous? Yes! It became too much for me.

    1. I can understand that Merit. I really can. It is ridiculous, but strangely that doesn't bother me.


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