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For the Wenches!
It has been a long ride. It started at different moments in time for all of us. But it all ends the same way. With Dead Ever After. Kathi's already told you about our journey to each other in The Saga of the Saucy Wenches. Now we want to share with you our journey through the books that bonded us. The moments that made an impact on us from the very first time we read them, the ones we highlighted or dog eared because we just had to keep coming back to them again and again. We have been moved to one strong emotion or another countless times during the course of the books. Tears, longing, anger, lust, or just feeling what Sookie was feeling as strongly as she was. Fair warning: we love everything Eric Northman!

Click through to read a few of our favorite moments from each book, which will forever remain with us. These are seared into our memories and hearts regardless of how the series ends for the vampire who stole the scenes (and our hearts) in these books. (I had room for only so many, but if you want more Eric & Sookie goodness, check out our Quotes of the Day posts for the past couple of weeks!)

Dead Until Dark

The arrangement centered with the peculiar red blossom (I decided that somehow the flower looked almost obscene, like a lady’s private part) was definitely the most interesting of the three. I opened the card with some curiosity. It bore only a signature, “Eric.”

Very, VERY much.
Eric intrigued the vast majority of the readers from the get go. As someone who started reading these WAY before the TV series, I can assure you no casting choices had anything to do with it. It was the way the character was written. He stood out. In the best possible way. From the beginning. 

Living Dead In Dallas

“You trust me?” Eric sounded surprised.


“That’s... crazy, Sookie.”

“I don’t think so.” Where that surety had come from, I didn’t know, but it was there.

*sigh* THIS early on. Sookie trusts him. What more is there to say? Add this to the “Yield to me”, and you’ll know when the REAL Team Eric merch started up.  

Club Dead

Bill said, “She is mine.”

I wondered if my hands would move. They would. I raised both of them, making an unmistakable one-fingered gesture. Eric laughed, and Bill said “Sookie!” in shocked admonishment.

“I think that Sookie is telling us she belongs to herself,” Eric said softly.

Oh Sookie, how sad it is to see all the stuff that you’ve gone through. But how great to see you become STRONGER. Sookie was woefully naive when we were first introduced to her. But she grows in each book. And this, owning herself. This was the beginning of a Sookie we could all admire. And of course, one Eric also admires!

Dead To The World

[I]t was beautiful Eric, who desired me, who was hungry for me, in a world that often let me know it could do very well without me.

Sookie kinda realizes that’s Eric for her.

There are SO so many beautiful moments in this book. It was hard choosing which ones to share. But this told us how heartbreakingly sad Sookie’s world has been. Until the vampire world opened up to her. And just how Eric has always made her feel—worth something. 

Dead As A Doornail

“I wish that I could read your mind as you can read the minds of others,” he said. “I wish very much that I could know what was going on in your head. I wish I knew why I cared what’s going on in that head.”

I loved this because it really showed just how complicated his feelings for Sookie were. And how real. That they plagued him. That he cared. That it wasn’t just Amnesia Eric who had “feelings” for her. 

Definitely Dead

The average woman would not be pondering how fast her date could kill her, but I’ll never be an average woman.

 Ah yes, this. Sookie admitting she will never be an average woman. She will never be ordinary. Never make ordinary decisions. We’ve seen examples of this throughout the series. Her world and mind have expanded to such a degree, only a fool would think she was an average woman who would make average decisions. She’s too smart for that, she will only ever go forward. Not the easy way, the hard way. Average is SO not Sookie!

All Together Dead

“Ha,” I said. “Oh, ha-ha. Yeah, ’cause they love me. You see how many vampires are up here? Zero, right?”

One,” said Eric, stepping out of the stairwell.

He showed up in the nick of time!

How VERY interesting that Eric shows up that exact moment don’t you think? And also, people are always harping about him not ever really risking anything for Sookie. Other than standing up to Andre, he showed up when a bomb could go off ANY second. I think that says it all.

“That is a pretty dress,” Eric said. “And you are a beautiful woman.”

I was oddly embarrassed. I’d gotten compliments before—{{SNIP}}

“Eric,” I said, but I couldn’t finish the sentence because I couldn’t think of what to say next. I had to concentrate on the speed with which my feet were moving. We were dancing so fast I felt like I was flying. Suddenly Eric dropped my hand to grip my waist, and as we turned, he swung me up, and then I was really flying, with a little help from a Viking. I laughed like a loon, my hair billowing out around my head, and then he let me go and caught me, just inches away from the floor, and then he did it again and gain, until at last I was standing on the floor and the music was over.

“Thank you,” I said, knowing I must look like I’d been standing in a high gale. “Excuse me while I go to the ladies’ room.”

I scooted off through the crowd, trying not to grin like an idiot. I should be with—oh, yea—my boyfriend. Instead of dancing with another guy until I felt tingly with happiness. And it didn’t do any good, excusing myself on account of our blood tie.

Making a woman feel like that isn’t easy. We all knew by now Sookie loves Eric, risking her life to save Eric (and Pam) kinda gave that away. But this moment, it’s so wonderful. The dancing, the flying, Sookie feels pure happiness and joy in Eric’s arms. I dare you to find one other moment in the entire series where she’s had that with someone else!

 From Dead To Worse

This was an unpleasant trend. I didn’t want a lot of guys popping in and out of my bedroom. I wanted one who would stay. 
Enter Eric Northman, he who stays.
Sookie is looking for what we all are, really... a constant. She has friends. She has family. For better or for worse. But her love life has been less than satisfactory since the beginning. Betrayal, lies, you name it. The one person who has been there, and who has made his intentions clear, who has stayed, from the beginning, even when he wasn’t “with” her, has been Eric.

“Dear one—that’s you, Sookie—”
Eric never holds back from telling her how important she is to him. Ever. It’s one of my many favorite things about him. How can any being not love that? To feel appreciated, loved, cherished? 

Dead And Gone

“You must be strong. I’m very proud of you, you hear me? {{SNIP}} You are still together; you are still a person. Lochlan and Neave have left vampires and fairies in rags—literally, rags . . . but you survived and your personality and soul are intact.”

This was yet another heartbreaking moment in Sookie’s life. After torture, flung straight into a war. But these words from Eric said SO much that he had never been able to say before. This is when it became clear to me that he would love Sookie forever, even after she grew old, and wrinkled and died. It wasn’t her looks, her now scarred body and face. He assures her that her soul and personality are intact, the things HE deems important. Yes, he thinks she is beautiful, yes he loves her body, but, he loves HER. All of her. *too many feels*

Dead In The Family

Eric came out of the doorway to his home office. When I saw him, every hormone I had stood to attention. He’s very tall, his hair is long and golden, and his eyes are so blue the color practically pops out of the whiteness of his face, a face that is bold and masculine. There’s nothing epicene about Eric. He wears jeans and T-shirts, mostly, but I’ve seen him in a suit. GQ missed a good thing when Eric decided his talents lay in building a business empire rather than modeling. Tonight he was shirtless, sparse dark gold hair trailing down to the waist of his jeans and gleaming against his pallor.

“Jump,” Eric said, holding out his hands and smiling. I laughed. I took a running start, and leaped. Eric caught me, his hands clamped around my waist. He lifted me up until my head touched the ceiling. Then he lowered me for a kiss. I wrapped my legs around his torso, my arms around his neck. We were lost in each other for a long moment.

A thousand times yes...or, too Twilight? 
Once again, one of my absolute favorite things about Sookie’s relationship with Eric. The joy in it. The small, simple things. The laughter, the playfulness. She has had that with no one else. Just the sheer joy they get from seeing each other. Made me sigh every time. 

“And you are my wife, in the only way that matters to me.”

 We know Eric, we know. *sigh*

“Overwhelming or not, I love him,” I continued. I’d never said it out loud. “And I guess that’s the bottom line.”

Bottom line indeed. Does anything else matter once our heroine has repeated her declaration of love in her mind ad nauseam and out loud? Barring a literary rabbit out of a hat, this for me has always said, it’s Eric. Or it’s nobody.

Dead Reckoning

 “Are you there?” he said. "Are you there, are you all right?"


I was sitting alone on my front porch in that gloomy kind of mood where you remember all of your mistakes and none of your good decisions when I saw the headlights of Eric’s car zooming up the driveway.

I didn’t expect that he would hesitate when he got out of the car.

“Are you still mad?” I said, trying not to cry. Weeping would be craven, and I was forcing some steel into my backbone.

Do you still love me?” he asked.

It made the Wenches cry!
This scene was painful to read. But also, I believe, important. She realized she truly loved him, all on her own. And we realized, all the great Eric Northman cared about was whether Sookie still loved him. From the urgency and desperation of that phone call, to the hesitation before getting out of the car, to his question. NOTHING else mattered to him at that point. Not Felipe, not Victor, not the problem his Maker had left him with, nothing. Just Sookie. It was all too human for Eric to be insecure about what Sookie felt for him without the bond. And so endearing.

But it had been. I knew—even as I thought this—that I wasn’t going to be able to fool myself. I’d changed in order to survive, and I was paying the price of survival. I had to be willing to change myself forever, or everything I’d made myself do was for nothing.

Sookie’s journey is what we witness throughout this series. This was one of those moments I realized just how far she had come. And there was NO going back. She would never be the same woman she had been when it all started. Her world, her mind, her heart, everything was more vast. She knows this, and she accepts it. She, like any woman who has fought her way to something better, does not want to go back. To settle.


“Appius Livius Ocella made mistakes in his whole long existence. Perhaps changing Eric was his finest hour. He created the perfect vampire. Eric’s only flaw is you.” 

We’ve seen throughout the series the level of trust Niall has in Eric. From approaching him about being introduced to Sookie, to “the vampire loves you,” to telling him about the cluviel dor. This really shows us just how much Niall admires Eric. And how he believes Eric’s only weakness is his love for Sookie. I can’t see any reason for this THROUGHOUT the entire series, if not to show us how obvious it is that their love is real, and obvious to everyone around them. Can you?

The perfect vampire.

Well, these were some of my favorite scenes. Some of them I loved for the way they made me feel, some for what they made me realize about the characters I had come to love. I know my post seems like just another excuse for Skarsporn, but I couldn’t help it! Can you blame me?

What are some of your favorite moments, Saucy Readers?? They don’t even have to be Eric or Sookie related! Share with us! 


  1. "Sookie…I remember everything… I can't believe I felt something so strongly and was so happy for the first time in hundreds of years." ~ FDTW

    Breaks my heart now, that he discovered such happiness, then had it besmirched and torn away from him. But we do have our memories…

    1. Ouch :(

      But yes, we'll always have the memories from the first few books.

    2. Kathi I loved that scene. You are so right, at least we can remember the past.

  2. aaww what a lovely post. I hate that it makes me so sad :'(

    One of my favorite quotes from DITF is this one:

    “How do you trust anyone?”
    “I don’t. There are two exceptions. You, and Pam.”
    “Oh,” I said. I tried to imagine feeling like that. “That’s awful, Eric.”

    I always thought this was so important, Sookie had said before how she trusted him in LDID and here he was saying that she had earned his hard given trust. Yeah, so... :(

    1. God Inga. He placed his trust in Sookie.

      *going to go cry in a corner now*

  3. Thanks for this beautiful post, Zee. These are perfect examples of why so many people were blindsided this week. *scratches head

    1. Yeah Donna. I for one, totally was. I admit it.

  4. This was a fond walk down memory lane, Zee. Thank you for this, I really enjoyed it.

    I guess this served as my wake. ;)

    1. You're welcome Veronica! Glad you could enjoy em :)


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