Quote of the Day

"You can just cut that out, Kevin Pryor," I said.  "I no more killed Arlene than you can tell your mama who you're living with."

Kevin turned bright red, and I knew my tongue had gotten the better of me. Kevin and Kenya had been living together for a year now, and most people in town knew about it. But Kevin's mom could pretend she didn't know because Kevin didn't tell her face-to-face. There wasn't a thing wrong with Kenya, except for Kevin's mom [thought] she was the wrong color to be a girlfriend to Kevin.

"You just shut up, Sookie," he said. Kevin Pryor had never said a rude thing to me in his life. I suddenly realized that I didn't look the same to Kevin now that I was wearing orange. From being someone he should treat with respect, I'd become someone he could tell to shut up.
~ Charlaine Harris, Dead Ever After


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