Quote of the Day

“And I so very fucking much love that man.”

Vadim felt himself tighten up, body finally translating the touches and dealing with the pain, lust grew, and he groaned, wanting nothing more in the world to last but this, this tenderness, Dan talking. The illusion that there was no marching orders, he’d stay here and that was the end of it. Happily ever after.

“And I love...you.” In Russian. “You’re killing me with this...” he gave a near-silent laugh. “Difficult to…endure…”

“Difficult to part.” Dan groaned, he sped up slightly, but his stroking remained slow. Couldn’t let Vadim come. “Most difficult…ever.” He concentrated on nothing but his feelings. Every sensation, no matter how small or big.

~ Aleksandr Voinov and Marquesate,
   Special Forces – Soldiers (1980-1989)


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