What the Wenches Are Reading


This week, nearly every Wench who is reading, is reading the Kate Daniels, Chicagoland Vampires, A Song of Ice and Fire, or Outlander series. Amazing! You'll find a few other books, though, we're piling on our night tables, lugging around in our e-readers, or listening to in our cars, so click through and find out what else is captivating us this week!

Amanda: I'm almost done with Magic Slays (Kate Daniels #5) by Ilona Andrews. It's been a good one with some juicy personal reveals. Also, as much as I love Curran's badassness, his romantic side is to die for.

Anne: After speeding through House Rules (Chicagoland Vampires #7) in ~36 hours, I'm now doing a leisurely reread and enjoying every minute of Merit, Jonah, and Jeff goodness. I'm also moving along in A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire #5). But I'm more than halfway through now, so I'm starting to dread it ending, since there is no set release date for the next book.

Angela: Yay, I finished Voyager (Outlander #3), but Drums of Autumn (#4) has been booked at the library. So this week I am reading Magic Slays, as I want to finish this series. Nice, short read after Voyager.

Barbara: Still shaking off my House Rules book hangover, I've struggled to read anything again this week. I did finally finish Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires #2) and moved on to Twice Bitten (#3, my favorite Chicagoland Vampires book so far!) in my series reread. Now that our posts commemorating the new release in that series are done for a while, I'm hoping I can do a bit more reading this week. I also have a road trip coming up this weekend, so I'm looking for a great audiobook to travel with me. Maybe Fourth Grave Beneath my Feet? We'll see.

Beta: I haven't done much reading, but I've finally started House Rules and I'm loving it so far!! Gawd, I love Merit and Ethan! Chloe Neill really is a genius.

Donna: We're not at all jealous that Donna is sunning herself on a beach this week. Can't wait to hear what she read while she was away!

Katherine: I can't stop reading Downside Ghosts!! Rereading all my favorite parts this week, which when pulled all together are like another whole book!

Kathi: Read House Rules and loved it! Also got my old-fashioned, paper book signed by Chloe Neill herself!!! *irrepressible fangirling* (There’s a blog post about that coming up soon.) Then I decided it was time to get back to A Song of Ice and Fire before the next season of Game of Thrones begins on HBO. I’ve been waiting until each season is over to read the corresponding book, and now that season 3 is looming (can’t wait!!), I got my butt in gear and started A Clash of Kings (#2). The plan is that by the time season 3 starts, the events of season 2 will be fresh in my memory.

Merit: Surprise, surprise! This week I read House Rules. Chloe Neill does not disappoint. Great action, a lot of humor, suspense, political intrigue, and old/new conflicts for our beloved characters. Oh, and a lot of eyes silvering.

Olga: I started House Rules, but going really slowly with this one. And I need to start A Game of Thrones soon.

Veronica: Yes, still working on Game of Thrones. It's one of those books that requires a certain amount of brain power and consideration that I haven't been able to devote to it lately. I think I'm going to give up the ghost and prepare for the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Night Prince, Cut & Run, and Southern Vampire Mysteries releases in March, April, and May. In the meantime, this week I also read the first two books in Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series, as recommended by fellow Wench Jaym: A Hunger Like No Other and No Rest for the Wicked

Zee: For the first time in WEEKS I had some time to read. House Rules was a tough act to follow, so I went in looking for some fluff. I came across Masters at Arms by Kallypso Masters amidst the stuff I had gotten for free on my Kindle. I'll be honest, I started reading it because of the hot guy on the cover. But I liked it. It was interesting; the author basically introduces the stories and characters from her next three books in it, and that made me want to read them. The second book was alright (BDSM isn't really my thing, but there was some hot stuff), the third one was the one I REALLY wanted to read and I was kinda disappointed, one more left, and yes... I will finish it. Even though it seems like the first one is the only one I really enjoyed (despite it not being as smutty as the others).


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