How To Get a Ty and Zane Fan Super Excited Again

A little tease for Touch & Geaux by Abigail Roux

After reading book 6, Stars & Stripes, I was feeling a bit blah about the Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux. I seriously considered the question: Did I want to carry on? The problem for me: There wasn't enough action and there wasn't enough angst. I'm a sucker for angst in any shape or form in a novel. Yes, I'm that girl whose interest usually dies once the Happily Ever After (HEA) happens, or you need to do something extremely crazy or unexpected to keep me interested. This is one of the reasons I still read the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. I have to know that Sookie will definitely end up with Eric. I know it is like 99.99999% a sure thing, but still, I need it in writing. I might even frame it and have a party for one at the time. Luckily my online friends will be in similar position, so we can drink in celebration or misery together. I will keep Sam to myself, as he will need consoling once Dead Ever After is finished — a task I don't mind performing, I can assure you.

By the wonderfully talented Carlo Adrian
Now I have learnt to keep away from Roux's updates in order to not be spoilt, as she dishes out spoilers on a regular basis and loves messing with fans. Of course there are many minions who buy into that and good on them, but not me. I like to still be surprised when the book comes out. I'm kind of a spoiler flirt I confess. I like the odd tidbit, but not the whole story, before I get my hands on it. I'm finding I am becoming very good at avoiding spoilers. I did actively follow Roux to start with, when I first discovered the series. However, True Blood fandom has taught me that, if you really want to still enjoy something, sometimes it pays to take a step back. This has not been easy, but my stubbornness has helped curb my addiction. (Let's not get started on my latest addiction to Sterek from Teen Wolf. That is a whole different story.)

Recently, I ran across something that ramped up the Ty and Zane excitement level again for me! I'll tell you about it after the jump.

You might have to live in New Zealand to recognize this little vid and understand how epic it is!

I'm laughing .... Walk away from too many spoilers. Walk away. This is exactly what I have been doing with the Cut & Run fandom. It has required willpower, but I've been pretty good at avoiding teasers as much as a flirt can.

So I stumbled across a YouTube trailer via Facebook, my home away from home — a trailer made for Touch & Geaux — and this fangirl couldn't be more excited again. I needed a reminder that this really is a great series, and I've stuck with it this far, so why not build some anticipation for the next book and keep my fingers crossed for a great book?!? Click this link to view the trailer and see what I am excited about:

The trailer was made by Abigail Roux herself, and I have to say the whole thing made me wish April was here already! Once again, I want to know how Ty and Zane are doing and whether Roux can re-energise the series. Of course, there was the added bonus that I spied Jeremy Renner in the trailer as well, and he is, you know, someone I admire ... for his acting ability....

If you weren't excited for the next book in the series, I feel I can safely reassure you that angst is on the horizon in the form of a certain Mr. Liam Bell! And you know what? I'm heady with excitement, and, yes, I've been dancing at my desk in anticipation. (Luckily, at the time the office was empty.) Liam Bell might be the ingredient to stir up the mix, and I am expecting him to knock my socks off with his meddling and angst-making in Touch & Geaux. If he doesn't, I will be very disappointed. So fellow Ty and Zane fans, I'll either be dancing a happy dance come April, as my need for angst has been satisfied, or drinking myself into oblivion because it was all peaches and cream with a dash of HEA. The peaches and cream doesn't satisfy my requirement to still be in doubt, even a smidgeon, that the HEA is a foregone conclusion, and thus keep my hunger to keep reading in play.

So tell me, how did Stars & Stripes make you feel? Are you expecting great things from Touch & Geaux, or do you think it will make or break the series for you?

* Book cover courtesy of Goodreads.


  1. The trailer!

    I missed it the first time around, so this is the first time I've seen it. Loved it! This trailer has made me more excited for T&G than any spoilers or snippets or anything else that has been released.

    If you haven't been following Abi's torture or minion speculation, you might want to WALK AWAY from the following.

    The trailer makes it seem like we are going to get back to the action in T&G and that makes me very happy; the schmoop was nice but I'm ready for some BAMF!Ty and BAMF!Zane. And the prospect of who-the-fuck-is-Liam-Bell as something more than just a third piece of a relationship triangle (or fourth piece of a quadrangle?) makes me happy as well.

    I have a feeling Ty's secret is a lot bigger than "I killed a person who really turned out to be a bad person in the end" or "I had a relationship with someone you might not approve of." Bring it on!!

    1. I'm glad you love the trailer Veronica. I kind of needed it, because I have quite high hopes for the next book - this does sometimes lead to a problem though - I hope my expectations are not too high. Ty's secret had better be epic because like you are saying about it can't be as simple as someone he killed. Fingers crossed for a great book.

  2. I love this post, Angela! Personally, I still love Ty & Zane, but I've been preoccupied with other things lately. That vid is really good. I hadn't seen it before this post. I definately am excited for the action and the drama in the next book. I never thought I would say this, but bring on some Liam Bell triangle angst. It's going to be delicious.

    1. Thanks Amanda. I completely agree. I need angst like I need wine. It fuels my book reading. I hope Liam Bell injects some much needed drama into the series.

    2. I feel the same, Amanda.. in that I still love Ty and Zane, but I've been preoccupied with other things lately too. (It's all Supernatural's fault!)

      Also, I admit that I have kind of took a step back as well, as the nail-biting and teeth-gnashing worry has increased over the expected angst of the next book. I'm much more of a spoiler flirt too and while I might like a tidbit here and there, I don't want to know too much and worrying about what will happen just makes me cranky and upset, so it is much easier to just move on to another obsession and not think about it. I still actively follow Abi on tumblr, but I stay completely away from any theorizing about what the next books might bring. I have Touch & Geaux pre-ordered and will wait to form opinions about it until around April 7th or 8th, after I have read it.

      Angela, one thing that struck me as funny while reading your great Ty/Zane article is that I normally am exactly the same when it comes to losing interest after the HEA is reached. But for some reason, I felt totally opposite of you about Stars and Stripes. I LOVED that book. I loved the humor, I loved getting to meet Zane's family (Harrison, baby, I still adore you), I loved getting to visit the awesome Grady family again. And, of course, the Ty and Zane sex scenes are always worth visiting a time or ten.

      Then again, I am also not a big angst person. I like angst all right enough, but I like knowing that angst will be resolved and I won't have to wait long for my HEA after the angst. I fully expect Ty and Zane's story to end with a HEA, but the sometimes the thought of going through the angst and having to wait through 3 more books to get there becomes a bit much, and I just tune out and go read more fan fiction about gay angels and hunters falling in love. ;)

  3. FYI: Link doesn't work anymore. I took it down.
    I downloaded it and made it available for awhile. You are welcome, by the way. Maybe someone else will take a turn at hosting it for the minion underground and you can use that link instead.

    1. One thanks for making it available for a while.

  4. Please note the video is no longer available.


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