Chicagoland Vampires Questions and Theories

It's nearly release time for the next installment in Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires series. So we're dusting off our unanswered questions — as if we ever stopped thinking about them — along with a few theories that may or may not pan out, and we can't wait to see what's ahead! Click through to see some discussion, and then share with us your unanswered questions and theories!

Be careful before you click through! If you have not read all the books, some of our speculation might be spoilery. Click at your own risk!


  • I have a theory that Morgan is the vampire who attacked Merit on campus the night she was turned. The fact that Morgan can communicate telepathically with Merit has ALWAYS been fishy to me. There is no way he should be able to do that. I think that because he started her transition, and Ethan finished it, the two of them can speak to Merit telepathically.
  • I also have a theory that Joshua Merit is not quite as evil as Merit would have us believe. And I still want to know what happened to the first Caroline. I think Merit is just a tad biased about her dad. I have actually wondered whether we would find out one day that he wasn't as evil as she believed, but I only thought about that because I was busy being so pissed at him and thinking he was such an asshole. The thought snuck up on me then that it would be so typical to find out later it was all in the name of protecting her, or something like that, because he knew something that he hasn't told anyone.
  • Amit Patel. I'm sure we will meet him, and I think he'll have a role to play in Cadogan's transition to being unaffiliated. Ethan admires Patel, possibly above all other vampires, which is interesting considering his observation that Patel avoids politics. Ethan is an incredibly political creature, so maybe he'll take a cue from his idol as part of Cadogan's historic transition. I'm looking forward to seeing these two together.

Unanswered questions

  • Who is the vampire employee in the ombud's office? They say at the beginning of the series that he is a foot soldier, and while Merit speculates and discards several theories, we still aren't any closer to learning his identity.
  • Will any other houses defect with Cadogan? Will the sorcerers ever come back to Chicago?
  • What is Jeff's shifter animal; does he have such a presence about him because his animal is very powerful?
  • Morgan gets weird when Merit offers him blood the night they have dinner with Mallory and Catcher in Friday Night Bites, saying something about "we'd be sharing blood". What is that about? Is that just a Navarre thing?
  • What happened to Amber? And when we see her again, because we WILL see her again, what will her role be in the New World Order that Celina was trying to create?
  • Why does Mallory blame Ethan for discovering her magic? First Malik and then Luc mentioned her magic before Ethan did. Why does she focus her anger on Ethan?
  • How will Merit protect Gabriel's son? Will that finally make Gabe stand with vampires, rather than constantly dissembling where they are concerned? And this big question about Gabe's vision, whose eyes did Merit see? Are they Ethan's resurrected eyes, or something I haven't even considered yet?
  • How will Ethan react when he finds out about Merit and the Red Guard? Will he see it as a betrayal? That's the only thing I'm worrying about. I really don't want Chloe Neill to constantly split them up and then put them back together again. I want to see her make them exciting to read about even though they have problems, committed to remaining a couple regardless of what happens.
  • Do we actually know how a human becomes a vampire in this world? Ethan says that Merit's blood was removed and replaced, but her heart never stopped beating. I'm thinking that's all we know exactly. That, plus only Masters are authorized to change people, although we know from Jonah that some rogues change people without permission.

What about you, Saucy Readers? Any theories, reasonable or wild, regarding our Chicago sups? Any burning questions you hope get resolved in House Rules? Share your thoughts below!


  1. Barbara, I love the way your mind works, very good theories and questions. Your theory about Morgan, I had the same thought right after reading about their communication ability. Of course I don't have answers to your questions, you do make me turn on my rusty wheels and wonder. One more trivia thing, Amit Patel: there is an Indian American cardiac surgeon by that name...

  2. Love the theories you bring up! I've always wondered what the deal was with Morgan's telepathic link with Merit too. I hope he's not the one who started her down this path though. I like Morgan and that knowledge would destroy any hope for a happy working relationship between he, Ethan and Merit.

    Since I've read House Rules, I already know that some of your posed unanswered questions are actually answered. But the big one I have is, is Merit REALLY not able to have kids? Just because it hasn't been done doesn't mean it can't. And Neil seemed to choose her words very carefully when the subject was broached- she never said it was impossible. Merit is unique and now so is Ethan. That would be an interesting twist.

    I'd love to see all of Chicago's Houses give a big F-YOU to the GP. Maybe Darius will come around, though?

    1. Welcome, Krista! We're so glad to have you!

      I liked Morgan at first, but haven't since the end of FNB. He brought Celina to Merit, and he gave her shelter and comfort while she should have been a fugitive. I wanted to like him, but I don't trust him one bit.

      I'm very nervous about the babies thing! I like my vampires childless, in general, and the very few books I've read that attempted it have failed, IMO. So I'm nervous. But I trust Chloe Neill to do what's right for Merit, for the story, and for readers. I'm confident it will great!

      I love that there are other Housed vamps talking secession from the GP!!! Darius isn't done with Chicago, and I'l be shocked if he came around!

  3. Krista, i have the same concerns, i can't wait to see how Neil continues on in the last 3 books of the series to come. I wonder if its not true as you said, that Ethan and Merit can have kids.... its been bugging me since i read the vision scene. And i'm also sure Neil will keep us on our toes.
    The GP in my opinion as a whole is that they are misguided, as Merit says they are lead by a Tyrant, who is only out to keep his own image and ego up to par. I don't think Darius will take this lying down, after all Cad. has kept their house, and all their assets, he'll see that as a slight towards him, we might even see the other houses looking to Cad. in the future. Stacey Sheriden pisses me off to no extent in this novel, and i'm glad that Ethan finally pulls his head out of his butt and see's the lace she's trying to pull over him. I had a feeling things in the book would turn out as they did (intuition or gut instinct who knows) but i'm liking where everything is heading and i think by the end we'll have alot of sad but very satisfied readers out there.
    As they say, all stories have to end, and by the finale i believe Merit, Ethan and everyone else will have duely earned their ever after :)


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