Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Saucy readers! What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to enjoy some of the Wenches' favourite eye candy? I asked the Wenches to nominate one of their crushes. I'm a little evil in that I love making people pick just one, however I note Zee the Terrible sneakily snuck in two candidates. 

Check after the jump for some of our favourite men.

Colin O'Donoghue
source : http://repimg.tumblr.com/post/42456813523/colin-odonoghue-10
Wench Veronica opted for Colin O'Donoghue who plays the delectable Hook on Once Upon a Time. I can't say I blame her. He is definitely delectable. Although I'm unsure what Vishous would have to say about this Veronica?

David Gandy
2013 Red Nose Day shirt @BlueSteelAppeal © Helena Christensen

The first of two David Gandy pictures as he is the personal addiction of two of our Wenches. Head Wench Barb can't get enough of David and has already booked her plane tickets to a secret location with David on Valentine's Day. Did you say the Maldives? Oh, that was meant to be a secret? Oops.
Joe Manganiello
Wench Anne sent me so many pics for Joe that it was hard to settle for one, however there is just something very arousing about this one and if Joe turned up as my Valentine I wouldn't be saying no. Of course, I would have to beat Anne off with a stick.

Alexsander Skarsgard

Wench Donna asked to see some arm porn from none other than a personal favourite of mine, Askars. Since he leapt into our hearts after being onscreen for our viewing pleasure on True Blood, we just can't get enough of him. Donna has asked that he make sure he is ready on a white fur rug on February 14th, wearing a smile and nothing else. Donna, you know Wench Shau is in line after you.

Eric Etebari
Source : Eric Etebari tumblr

There are a few Wenches that go weak at the knees for Eric Etebari. Many picture him as the smouldering, animalistic Jericho Barrons from the popular Fever series by Karen Moning. Wench Kathi and Wench Katherine, you know you have to share him right? With Wench Merit as well. He is going to be very busy today.

Jeremy Renner
 My personal favourite. There is just something about Jeremy that makes me wet and I don't know what it is. Those mesmerizing eyes, those kissable lips, and lets not forget those arms. They all add up to the package deal for me. Jeremy your flight to New Zealand is booked for the 13th February so you make it here in time. I don't understand why your management agency can't seem to remember my name though???
Ian Somerhalder

They say the eyes have it and these sparkling blue eyes are exactly why we love Ian Somerhalder. He captured our hearts in The Vampire Diaries and we wouldn't be saying no if he arrived with a bow tied around him.

Ryan Reynolds
We adore Ryan Reynolds. Goofy and gorgeous all in one sexy package. We'll help you get out of those wet clothes Ryan.

David Gandy and Richard Armitage
Source : http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/ and  "David Gandy for Massimo Dutti 2013" https://www.facebook.com/OfficialDavidGandy

Wench Zee sent me this shot and managed to get two of her favourite Valentines on the page. David Gandy is delicious and I'm sure he has all kinds of wickedness planned for Zee on the 14th. Although he has to be mindful to share with Richard Armitage. Fist cuffs at dawn?? Handcuffs would be more fun though.

Chris Hemsworth
We are just in love with men getting down and dirty, and Chris Hemsworth is certainly up to the task. I think he needs one of the wenches to help him with his bandages. Olga can you please step in to help this man?

Gerard Butler
Source : www.magmire.com

Accent. Accent. Accent. When Gerard Butler talks we swoon. Yes, we are 18th century maidens.

Robert Downey Jr
Beta this one is just for you. I am using my imagination, and I can think of only one reason why you aren't in this picture as well. 

Andrew Lincoln

"Who?" I hear you ask. Wench Amanda made this pick and I have to say--hubba hubba. Those of us who watch a lot of British television will recognize him from those great TV shows This Life and Teachers. I've still to watch Season 1 of Strike Back which he is in, and he has guns in that as well Amanda. Of course two candidates here are from that show, with the delicious Richard Armitage being the second. Others will know him from the ever popular The Walking Dead and Love, Actually.

Ryan Gosling

No list is complete without some wet, hot Ryan Gosling.  He has graced many a list as one of the sexiest men alive and we can all see why.

Wench Jaym, I know you wanted all of them. I hope your Valentine's Day wish is answered. If you could start with the two Ryan's and then work your way through this list of fourteen it would be appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed our choices for who we want to turn up on our doorsteps (beds) for Valentine's Day. Enjoy. And sorry if you Valentine Day's crush is missing. Let us know below who we should have included.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Saucy Wenches.


  1. I didn't sent any photo, couldn't make up my mind which one to choose, still can't, they are all so delicious!

  2. This is great, Angela! I love what you wrote, and you made me smile and laugh.

  3. Happy Valentine's day!

    Don't think me weird but I want Richard A as that princeling dwarf in The Hobbit. LOL

    1. DUDE. I WANT HIM as anything, and he was freaking sexy as Thorin Oakenshield. Yum!! :D

    2. When we left the Hobbit, I turned to my sister and asked if it was weird that I thought Thorin and Kili were really hot. Cause damn!

  4. And, Chris, honey, I'm on my way. But keep those bandages and I expect your bed has something I could tie them to.

  5. LOL glad you enjoyed it Olga. I want to be greedy and have Jeremy, Askars and the Ryans.

  6. Share??? Of course, I don't mind sharing with the Wenches! And I might pester Olga to share a certain someone else with me, too. ;-)

    Nice job, Angela!!

  7. Loved this Angela! So much prettiness going on there.

    And holy hotness, thank you for my personal Valentine package, it was perfect!.... and spot on :)

    Oh and swoon yes, "accent, accent, accent....." and then some.

    1. LOL Beta you really have two to keep happy. Notice I found the black and white photos hotter for some reason.

  8. I know I gave you an impossible choice with all those Joe pictures, but that one is one of my favorites of all time.

    And, don't worry, I'll share Joe with you!

    1. Thanks Anne. I knew you would. Yeah it was my favourite out of the two. There is just something so hot about it and then the Chris Hemsworth one as well. The two with a similar theme. We like them dirty ;).


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