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“Well, what?” I waved a hand at the room.

“Start genuflecting. Let’s see some knee action.”

“You’re serious.” I lifted my brows.

He responded in kind, but finally nodded his head, then walked between the couches. He dropped to one knee, then held out his hands.

“I’m monumentally sorry for the pain and humiliation that I caused you and your—”

“Both knees.”


“I’d prefer to see both knees on the ground. I mean, if you’re going to grovel, be the best groveler you can, right?”

— Chloe Neill, Some Girls Bite


  1. Such a great series. I'm so glad the new book will be out soon :D

  2. My favorite series ♥♥♥
    I think this Quote is from hard bitten and not some girls bite

    1. Obviously we are huge fans of this series, too! This is from SGB, when Morgan comes to apologize to Merit for not sticking up for her in from of Celina when they meet at Red.

  3. OMG, YOU ARE RIGHT!!! I apologize Sensei, it not the first mistake I make today.Definitely my brain did not want to wake up today, so now I will go to punish me for committing the mortal sin of mistaking a quote that I should remember

    1. LOL, there‘s no need for apologies or punishments... otherwise we would have to start doing that to ourselves when we mix up quotes and books and just forget things altogether. :) On the other hand.. if the Master himself would be the one doing the punishment, that might just be tempting. ;)

  4. Man, I loved Morgan before he became a huge douche.


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