What the Wenches are reading.

We actually got a lot of reading done this week! Some of us have been rereading old faves, but we've also discovered some brand new books and series that have been keeping us occupied! We love authors so much, what would we do without them?

It has been an exciting week for us because we just became Wench Aunties again!! We're sending super happy thoughts to Wench Anne and our new Wench Baby. 

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Angela: I read Menagerie by Rachel Vincent. If you are looking for a different kind of urban fantasy book this may well be for you. Lots of different types of creatures and and interesting world.

Anne: I'm still working through Night Huntress. I'm up to One Grave At A Time. I finished The Silent Girls and started a Feversong listen, but I'm literally in the hospital in labor, so I didn't have much chance to listen to it, since I'm not commuting. Hopefully by the time you read this, Wench Baby #2 will be here! (Update: Wench Baby #2 is here and healthy and we're so happy!)

Barb: I’m still reading Burned, but really only at bedtime. I’ve gotten sucked into a new knitting project and can’t seem to put it down. But Burned is amazing, even two years later. So much foreshadowing! 

Donna: I finished Y Is For Yesterday by the late Sue Grafton. In the latest and final installment, Kinsey Millhone receives a call from the parents of a young man who has just been released from prison after serving ten years for murder. They have been sent a copy of a missing tape showing a sexual assault by a group of teenage boys along with an extortion demand. On the recommendation of their lawyer, Kinsey is hired to investigate. There are two timelines in the novel, both current day and ten years earlier when the kids were students together at a private upper class school. Just imagine reading twenty-five books by the same author! Kinsey Millhone is one of my very favorite protagonists. A private investigator who, if she doesn’t like the rules, changes the game. As a smart but rebellious teenager, she did three semesters at community college, before realizing that academia wasn’t for her. She left and joined the police academy but quit after two years because of the bureaucracy and misogyny. Though she had a love-hate relationship with the police force, it inspired her towards what would become her life’s work. After completing a private investigator’s course, she was hired by the insurance company where her aunt worked, and eventually she went on and set up her own company. Set in the 1980’s before the explosion of the internet, Kinsey had to use her resources and wiles to follow up leads. She frequently found herself in dangerous situations, and her relentlessness in spite of occasional bouts of fear demonstrated true bravery. She was never blase about her cases or the occasional violence that accompanied them, and it was clear that each had an effect on her. The support she received from secondary characters, especially her landlord Henry, demonstrated just how highly regarded she was by those who knew her. Since there will be no Z Is for Zero, Kinsey’s future will be left to the reader’s imagination. For myself, Kinsey will continue to stop by Henry’s for fresh-baked cookies, Rosie’s Hungarian Bar & Restaurant for a hearty bowl of stew and a big glass of Chardonnay, and be ready when the phone rings for that next case.

Kathi: This week I finished The Woman in the Window. Progress was slow and steady for a while, then I read the last 40% in one sitting! Great suspense! I’m still watching Amazon’s new anthology series Electric Dreams, based on short stories by Philip K. Dick. I’ve begun a Twin Peaks rewatch from the very beginning, so I can then watch the latest installment from Showtime before I hear spoilers. And I watched the pilot episode for Starz’s new sci-fi thriller, Counterpart. I’m completely hooked! 

Merit: A very Busy week and very little free time this week made me look for a light easy read, I found it in Trashy Foreplay (Trashy Affair #1) by Gemma James. Both the book name and the cover promised a hot sizzling romance and Ms James delivered it. The plot was predictable but flowing, the guy-super hot, the girl-lovely and a bit lost, the angst scale-ten. 

Zee: I have been slowly making my way through Kit Rocha's Beyond series. I have really been enjoying it. I took a break in the middle to finish A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole. I had kindle issues, and I was stuck in the middle of this and couldn't finish it, but yay I'm almost done now. You guys, it has made me smile so much. And daydream a little too.  


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