Quote of the Day

I knew the child. I know the woman. She'll never be satisfied with a single lover. ~She~ craves experience, challenge, change, tempering, growth. She needs to taste it all. I understand that.

One day she'll choose a mate. She'll hunger to be a wolf running with a wolf of her own at her side, equals in everything, and when that time comes, she'll need to know she's chosen the absolute best.

I am that man.

But she has no basis for comparison.

She'll give her virginity to <spoiler>. Soon. She's on fire.

She wears my brand.

I'll feel far too much of it. This time and every time.

Immortal though I am--if I survive the next week--the coming years might seem my most eternal yet.

I will never be her first.

But one day I'll be her last.

~~Karen Marie Moning


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