What the Wenches Are Reading

Come through the jump and see what we're reading this week! 

Anne: I’m continuing my re-read of the Night Huntress series. I’m just about done with First Drop of Crimson. After that, I’m going to read our first Book of the Month, The Woman in the Window. In the audio world, the copy of A Wrinkle in Time that I got was defective, so I am listening to Pretty Girls Dancing by Kylie Bryant. It’s quite interesting. 

Barb: I saw a teaser excerpt posted by RT Book Reviews about an upcoming book by Tara Sue Me, that piqued my interest, so I checked NetGalley and they had it available to request! And we were approved rather quickly, hooray! Headmaster was a delightful surprise in that it is one of the best BDSM romances I've read in quite some time. That subgrene is pretty glutted with junk, thanks to a certain fanfic-turned-phenomenon, so when I find a good one it's always a real treat. Look for a review soon, and add it to your TBR in the meantime. I had paused in my Paper Swan reread for Headmaster, mostly because I was in the really painful part of the book. But it picked it up to finish and just read the gorgeous part. I hope to finish in the next day or so and finally start on our January Book Of the Month, Woman in the Window. Are you reading along with us? 

Donna: This week I’ve continued reading Sue Grafton’s final novel, Y Is For Yesterday. It’s bittersweet knowing this is the last Kinsey Millhone book I’ll ever read for the first time.

Kathi: I blew through all 600+ pages of A Court of Mist and Fury at an amazing rate, now I’m savoring A Court of Wings and Ruin (books 2 and 3 of A Court of Thorns and Roses). I’m sooooo loving these books. I’ve got a quibble with certain scenes, but the world is lushly constructed, the characters are multifaceted and have become my dear friends, and the story keeps moving to new and unexpected places so quickly I can hardly keep up. (Book 1 might drag on for a while, but not the other books!) On TV, I finished watching The Crown, which was fabulous! Now I’m savoring season 5 of A Place to Call Home (Australian drama starring David Berry, aka Lord John Grey from Outlander).  

Merit: This week was a mix of pleasure and frustration. I read Uprooted by Naomi Novik. This one has a lot of positive reviews, and Ellen DeGeneres will produce the movie adaptation. DNF! For me it was boring, I found myself waiting for developments, for the growth of the characters. Nada! It was such a disappointment, as I loved Novik’s Temeraire series. Next I read Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol, the first book in a YA PNR. It was okay, just too much YA and the plot reminded me strongly of Twilight: a young heroine in a new school, a beautiful mysterious guy, a second good looking athletic guy, she is clueless... you know the rest. It wasn't bad, but I guess I read too many books with that kind of plot. I have been promised an improvement in the next book.

Zee: I've been slowly making my way through Kit Rocha's Beyond series this past week. I had read the first one before but didn't really remember much about it, so I picked it up again. Somewhere in the past year or so I had one clicked on a bundle, so figured why not. Beyond Shame was okay, but I was interested in the other characters and the world the O'Kane's resided in, so I continued. Beyond Control was pretty good. But I have to say Beyond Pain was by far my fave. There was just something about the way Six and Bren were written. I was so invested in Six since she was dropped off in Sector 4 and I needed to read her story. I was not disappointed. I also enjoyed the novella Beyond Temptation. I'm now wondering whether I want to continue with the series (I am DYING of curiosity when it comes to Ace and Cruz) or take a small detour and read something else in the middle. Oh! And finding out there's a spin off series with a gang of priestly bikers has me VERY intrigued. Everyone here knows how I feel about sexy priests! 


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