So Many Questions: Phantom Kiss Edition

I am back again loyal readers, with questions from our final short story of the series, Phantom Kiss. This is the penultimate volume of the series. Because this was a short story, this is a short little post. As always, spoilers ahead, read at your own risk after the break.

Did Ethan even know wedding shower games were a thing?
His gaze narrowed. "You didn't mention party games."
"It was understood," I said. "That's just the nature of a wedding shower. Just be glad it's the only one you have to attend."
I'm pretty sure Merit didn't mention party games on purpose, to be sure Ethan would attend. But, even if she had, would Ethan even know shower games were a thing? I'm certain they weren't a thing when he was human. And, Ethan isn't exactly up to date on pop culture. So, why would he even know what those were? Regardless, I would have loved to see Ethan playing some ridiculous wedding shower game. For example, he'd win for sure if there was an oldest attendee prize.

Does Annabelle have a key to every cemetery in the area?
Annabelle pulled a necklace over her head, inserted a key into the lock, and when it unsnapped with an audible click, pulled the chain free and pushed the gate open.
Does she have a key to all of them? I assume she's the only necromancer in the city, so does she take care of the entire city's ghosts? That's a lot of cemeteries. What about the suburbs? Does she do those too? Also, how does she explain to cemetery managers/owners why she (a non-employee) needs a key to their cemetery? Or, are cemetery managers well aware of her abilities and the need for them? Much like upper echelon government employees and cops knew about vampires before the rest of the world did, do cemetery workers know all about ghosts, ghouls, and the like?

Note to self: Stay away from recently disturbed graves.
"Disturbing mortal remains can certainly draw a spirit back into this world. It's an instinctive response, even for those who are dead: You sense danger, that something is wrong, and you check on it." She shifted her gaze from us to the grave, pity creasing lines of worry in her forehead. "But necromancy primarily involves communication-- helping the deceased understand where they are and why, and passing along messages to their loved ones."
I have zero desire to come across a recently disturbed spirit. I will make sure to avoid disturbed graves as much as possible. I've seen Poltergeist, I'm an avid Supernatural fan, I know what ghosts
can be like. Although....if it meant I got to call in Sam and Dean Winchester...... Anyway, the "primarily" part of that second sentence is a little scary. What else does necromancy involve that isn't it's primary purpose?

What difference does eating healthy make to a vampire?!
"If Aaliyah asks, I didn’t drink this.” Ethan grinned. Aaliyah was Malik’s lovely and typically sequestered wife. She was a writer and introvert, and didn’t appear often in the halls of Cadogan House.“She talked to Catcher the last time he and Mallory stayed in the House,” Malik explained. “He’s on a health food kick, and he’s dragged her into the gutter with him.” “You poor bastard,” Ethan said, and there was nothing but pity in his eyes.
That's the best part of being a vampire! You can eat whatever the fuck you want and not only gain any weight, but you won't die of a heart attack or diabetes or whatever! Aaliyah, come on! Let poor Malik eat what he wants. He's second in command. It's a hard life, he should be able to indulge when he wants to.

I know a couple guys who could maybe help with this too...
“If you’re willing to think outside the box,” she said, “you could try the paranormal investigators who showed up tonight. I’m not saying I think they’re legit—this isn’t an endorsement—but they had the right equipment. If they’re worth their salt, they’ll be able to confirm you’ve got a ghost instead of some other supernatural, help identify it, and get you in touch with sorcerers who can send it home again.” “It’s a place to start,” I agreed, and thanked her for the help.
They call themselves hunters. Though, on second thought....they might either refuse to help or kill the
vampires of Cadogan House on principle because they are vampires. Where these guys come from, vampires aren't exactly the nice, friendly, helpful people they are.

Is there an AAM-style revolt coming within the Order's ranks?
“You’re violating the Order’s rules,” Catcher told Annabelle with a grin. Her answering grin was equally wide. She was wearing an ass-kicking ensemble of black pants, jacket, and boots. It was a night of fierce ladies, and she nodded with the same ferocity in her eyes. “I know,” she said. “It feels spectacular.”Catcher chuckled, patted her back. “Welcome to the club.”
First Catcher, then Mallory (sort of), then Paige, and now Annabelle. How much longer will it take for the Order to get their collective heads out of their collective asses and realize that they need to change? Will it take an AAM kind of revolt for anything to get done? Or, will they be the one organization that changes before it's too late? Before their members are disenfranchised and angry? We can only hope the manage it, but I am not holding my breath.

Well, that's all I've got for you, Saucy Readers. Did I miss any questions you had from this lovely little short story? Let me know below!

PS: Yes, I used Supernatural gifs for everything! This book really reminded me of one of their episodes. Also, because well... 


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