Fangirl Friday: IT the movie

It's October, and I've had horror on the mind since the first day of the month. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for a good horror story. On page, or on screen. It's not really surprise that I've been a Stephen King fan since I was a kid. Although I haven't always been a fan of on screen adaptations of his stories (Nope, not even The Shining). 

This year's IT is a huge exception to that. I cannot recommend it highly enough! Which is why I decided to try and convince you guys to give it a shot and watch it asap! 

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You know shit's about to go down the second Georgie's boat floats into that damned storm drain. That poor, adorable child. Pennywise's intro to us is predictably creepy, but even to those who have read the book and enjoyed the mini series, there was something a little bit more "horrifying" in Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise who forgets himself for a moment and stares at sweet Georgie exactly like one would stare at a particularly delicious morsel when hungry. You knew it was coming, but it still creeped you the hell out. 

One thing a lot of horror movies get wrong is not fleshing out the characters well. If I don't give a damn about the characters, I am not going to care about what happens to them. No matter how horrific, bloody, or terrifying you make it. That is not a complaint I can really make about IT. The Losers Club is irresistibly likable. I do wish they hadn't taken Mike's story away and given it to Ben for NO good reason, and Mike deserved way more screen time, but those kids are just the best. Each one has their own unique character, their own lovable characteristics, and you totally root for these plucky kids to somehow save the day. 

I kept changing my mind about who my favorite kid was! They're all wonderful. Sophia Lillis as Beverly, Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie, and Finn Wolfhard as Richie were revelations! The fact that they managed to add so many layers to their characters and the way they all connected with each other made the movie so much more enjoyable. Give them all the awards! Jaeden Lieberher as Georgie's devoted brother, Bill, was perfect. He has this scene in the middle of the movie that legit made me cry. 

Watching these kids bicycle around town, trying to solve the mystery of the disappearances in Derry, deal with their own demons and problems, not just Pennywise, and basically play detective was just so much fun. You wanted them to survive to fight another day. They're friendships and connections to each other were also so very heartwarming. They made what could have been just another horror movie something with so much darn heart. 

Don't get me wrong, it's still a pretty scary movie! A++ on the scares and startles! I would definitely recommend taking someone with you to watch this, because I did need to grab someone's arm every once in a while when I got the bejesus scared out of me. IT doesn't shy away from the bloody aspects of the story either, although I wouldn't say it's too bloody and gory for those that have issues with that sort of thing. Just enough to make it bit more real to those of us watching. 

I absolutely refuse to spoil any of the brilliant scares from this movie for anyone, but you need to know, Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise is absolutely fucking brilliant. From his very first scene to his last, Pennywise is a terrifying sight to behold. His mannerisms, movements, voice, everything, is one hundred percent the stuff of nightmares. Whatever Bill tapped into to channel Pennywise the murder clown, lets hope he keeps it firmly under wraps in real life! 

Give this boy a trophy for
transforming into your greatest fear!
Readers, definitely go watch this on screen if you can. If not, buy it, or rent it. You won't regret it. A must watch for fans of the horror genre, but even if you're not, this movie will make you one! 


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