Outlander Side Characters

Followers of our What the Wenches are Reading posts will know that I listened to the audio books of the Outlander series last year. Now, I join the ranks of Outlandians... Outlanders...Sassenachs....I don't actually know what the Outlander fans call themselves, anyway, now I join them in not so patiently awaiting the release of book #9, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. As I finished the series, I was thinking about all of the amazing characters there are that I wouldn't consider main characters. Every single person, no matter if I like them or not, is so well developed and rounded out. Ms. Gabaldon has certainly created a rich and versatile world. And, since I am a sucker for a good side character, here I am to tell you about some of my favorites. Spoilers are a definite, so make sure you are caught up on all of the books before you follow me after the jump!

Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser
A man after my own heart.
Murtagh is Jamie's godfather and constant companion. He's been with Jamie through thick and thin, keeping the promise he made to Jamie's mother before she died. I adore Murtagh. He's got a wicked sense of humor. He's loyal. He's strong and a great fighter. He's adaptable, no matter how much he might bitch about his circumstances. Most of all, he loves Jamie like a son. He gives Jamie advice. He supports Jamie no matter what. And, once Jamie married Claire, Claire was afforded all of the same loyalty and care that Jamie was. Murtagh followed Jamie into certain death, or came looking for Jamie when Jamie's circumstances were dire. He never gave up on Jamie, even when he was on death's door. And, in the end (in the books), he died in battle in Jamie's arms. It's exactly how he would have wanted to go. I do regret though, that he didn't get to see Claire come back or meet Brianna or William or Jamie's grandchildren. I am ecstatic that they changed the TV show story line to keep Murtagh alive.

Janet Flora Arabella Fraser Murray
Jenny Murray might be my favorite character in the entire series. She is one of the smartest,
strongest female characters I have ever come across in all of my reading experience. How many women have you come across that would leave her one day old baby daughter and ride ON HORSEBACK through the Scottish Highlands after her missing brother? Or, nurse two different men back to health from the brink of death by force of will alone? More than once, Jenny was left alone to run their family's estate, farm, and raise the children. Jenny is a fucking marvel. Yes, she is stubborn. Yes, she has a temper. But, she always tries to do what is best for her family, even if it doesn't always turn out the way she wants it to. I want to be Jenny when I grow up. In spirit and force of will, anyway. I could do without the living on an isolated farm in the 1700s part. That's really not for me. I would 100% die if I was transported to the 1700s like Claire was.

Yes, I put the dog on my list of favorite characters. I cried harder when Rollo died than
These are the puppies that are going to play Rollo!
almost any other death in the entire series, including Murtagh and Hugh Monroe. The only death that was harder to bear was Henri Christian. It makes me want to cry just thinking about the poor wee man, so let's get back to Rollo. Rollo was the most fantastic dog. First of all, he was part wolf, which is fucking badass. I had a Husky when I was very small that my parents thought was part wolf. Like Rollo, Bandit did his own hunting in my south side Chicago neighborhood. He would often come back with raccoons or opossums clamped between his jaws. Rollo was much the same. He would go off and catch fish or hunt down small game for his own supper. Ian never needed to worry about providing for him. Rollo was Ian's companion through so much of his life. Through his exile with the Mohawks, the founding of Fraser's Ridge, the war, his marriages, and countless injuries. He actually Lassie'd Ian once, fetching Claire and leading her back to a wounded Ian. Normally, a dog wouldn't be considered a character in a book, unless it was a children's book, or a book specifically about a dog, like Marley and Me or something. But, Rollo had a personality as fleshed out and strong as any human in the series. I'm devastated that he won't be around to protect Ian's child as he grows. There will never be another dog like Rollo.

Marsali Jane MacKimmie Fraser

Despite not being related by blood, Marsali is actually quite like Jenny. She is smart,
Lauren Lyle, who will be playing Marsali
resourceful, stubborn, and self-sufficient. Fifteen year old Marsali falls in love with 30 year old Fergus, the smuggler and former pickpocket with a hook for a hand. She conspires with Fergus to be allowed to travel with he, Jamie, and Claire to the West Indies to look for young Ian. While seemingly out of her element on the boat, she proves to be a real asset to Fraser's Ridge. Like Jenny, she is often left alone to raise her children and does more than her share of the work when it comes to farm work and the whiskey making that takes place on the Ridge. Then, she and Fergus move their family to a strange town to start a print shop, which she also frequently handles on her own. Despite the young age at which she married, she knew what she was getting into and never looked back. She's handled her spouse's depression, his attempted suicide, and the death of a child with grace and resilience. Laoghaire should be proud, she raised a good woman. Not, a spiteful, judgmental bitch like herself.....but that's another post.

Honorable Mentions:
Malva Christie-- Malva was a fascinating character and a heartbreaking death, even if she did implicate Jamie as her baby's father.

Ian Murray the Elder-- As headstrong as his wife and Jamie's life-long best friend. I'd read a whole book from Ian's perspective.

Rachel Mary Hunter Murray-- Not just any woman could love a man like young Ian. Rachel Hunter is one in a million.

Germain Alexander Claudel MacKenzie Fraser-- Marsali and Fergus' eldest son. As headstrong as his father and adopted grandfather, as capable as his mother. I can't wait to see what kind of teen/man Germain grows up to be.

That's all I've got Saucy Readers! Really, these characters are all so great, I could ramble on about all of them. But, I'll leave it at these for now. I can't wait to see what the TV show does with all of these characters. Did I miss any of your favorites, let me know below!

PS: Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Roger, John, and Willie all count as leads, hence their exclusion. 


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