Review: P*rn Star by Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone

You just never know what book is going to be a diamond. I've reached the point with Sierra Simone that I will read pretty much anything she writes, but I wasn't expecting P*orn Star to be anything more that silly filthy fun. Because silly filthy fun has its place. The fact of the matter is, this book was basically a perfect contemporary romance, the kind of book that restores your faith in the genre when you've read too many and rolled your eyes too much. 

Come with me through the jump and I'll tell you why you should add this to your TBR in the slot reserved for fluffy sexy reads with a great big heart.

You cannot tell from the cover or the description, you never know unless you actually read it, but this book was superb. It started with the shallowest of set-ups: boy is a porn star/porn producer who wants to "work" with a certain performer again, so he asks her to be in his next project. But that's where the shallowness ends. Turns out neither of our intrepid heroes could stop thinking about each other in the few years that have passed since the scene they did together, but alas, neither has the balls to admit that out loud. Wonderful drama ensues!

I loved the dual points-of-view in this story, giving us insight into the strengths and weaknesses of both Devi and Logan and allowing us to understand why they each made the stupid mistakes they made. I love that neither character got into porn because they were abused runaways, which is the popular narrative about why someone chooses a career in the sex industry. 

This is a romance, of course so the boy and girl fall in love, both assuming that the other couldn't possibly feel the same, thrilled when they realize there's something on the other side of that kiss. But they both do a lot more assuming and that's where they get into trouble. Devi boldly faces her choices and what she wants with her life, how her current profession fits into the life she wants to lead. Whereas Logan is so committed to his lifestyle that he can't imagine doing anything else, let alone that Devi wouldn't want the amazing life he's living. But he's fooling himself, and encouraging Devi to fool herself, too, which is not something this amazing woman is going to do. 

The dance these two do is fabulous, and the overcoming of the big obstacle is a joy to witness. P*rn Star is a pretty much perfect contemporary romance, equally balanced with filth and life lessons, memorable quotes and a believable, organic relationship that keeps you rooting for the idiotic couple through the end. Absolutely wonderful.

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