What the Wenches Are Reading

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Anne: I'm kind of bouncing around in my reading, I can't seem to focus on anything long enough to finish it. In the audio book world, I've finished Frost Burned and I've moved on to Harry Potter and the massive amounts of teenage angst. I mean, Order of the Phoenix

Barb: I finished rereading Burn For Me, then, rather than go on to a White Hot reread I picked up two new books. I've been wanting to read Blood in the Water by Heather Anne Thompson since I saw her on The Daily Show months ago. I remember watching a documentary about the Attica uprising years ago and being riveted by the horrifying tale, so Dr. Thompson's new revelations about those bloody days are captivating. To temper that horror I picked up Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile. I've been watching the TV show and got to a point where I need to read the deeper layers of this story. The show creators have certainly taken some artistic liberties, but both versions are terrific thus far. 

Kathi: Finally finished Blade Bound and was quite content with the way the series ended, though I’m a bit blue that I won’t get to read more Ethan and Merit stories. Needed something completely different to read next, so I picked up Villa Incognito by an old favorite, Tom Robbins. This will satisfy a slot in the Saucy Wenches 2017 reading challenge, plus I’m thinking I could use a bit of whimsy right now. This is supposed to be far from his best book, but still full of brilliant satire and boundless humor.  

Merit: I’m reading a steampunk romance called The Iron Duke (The Iron Seas #1) by Meljean Brook. A body falls from the sky onto the doorsteps of the Iron Duke, Rhys Trahearn. This leads inspector Mina Wentworth, our protagonist, to a world full of action and adventures in and out of England, post the Mongol Horde occupation. The Horde occupies England and most of Europe. They brought with them unheard-of technologies while destroying many great things, like the English way of life, or making most of Europe a zombie-infested wasteland and enslaving the population. There is much more to the story, the world building is complex and kind of special. The beginning of the romantic aspect was a bit puzzling for me, but it’s getting better and better.

Shau: My read isn’t anything new. I don’t have time to look for a new exciting read so I've been re-reading some of my favourites. This week I’ve read Rock Hard by Nalini Singh. I’m not much into contemporary romance, but I always give Nalini Singh a chance to surprise me. This installment in her Rock Kiss series has been the only good one, IMO (the rest are terrible). I love Gabriel and Charlie. Such an amazing couple.

Zee: I've been skimming through a bunch of regency romances trying to find something I'll click with. And not surprisingly I just circled back around to Courtney Milan. I hadn't read Once Upon a Marquess so reading that right now. My trial books included Lorraine Heath's Falling Into Bed With a Duke (if only!) Which I enjoyed. Meredith Duran's Written On Your Skin,which I haven't finished. And Julia Quinn's The Duke and I. I have a feeling Tessa Dare will also be on my reading list this week. 


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