Fangirl Friday: Birthday Man Candy

Saucy Readers, today is my birthday. I thought long and hard about what to give myself that
Happy My Birthday!
I could share with you and I decided to give us a little of the fangirling and inappropriateness that is our tagline. So our gift is a bevy of beautiful men. There's not much rhyme or reason to the hotties I've picked, they're just gorgeous fellows who have been in my world lately. Some who I've lusted after loved for years, some new to me. Some we've spotlighted before, some we're meeting for the first time. One thing unites these dudes: their hotness. So, come with me through the jump, and let's objectify some men, shall we? Happy my birthday!

Complete with jaw clench. Yes, please!

Let's get this party started with one of my favorite characters in the TV world, Killian "Captain Hook" Jones played by the stunning Colin O'Donoghue. This gorgeous bastard is so great as Hook that I'm considering naming my next child, be it human or canine, Killian. And this portrayal has forever cemented my image of Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series. This pirate can pillage my village any time. 

Can you read us the news?

Next up we have a political commentator from The Young Turks network, Francis Maxwell. While Buzzfeed is swooning over Hasan Piker, I'm over here listening to Francis whisper sweet rants in my ear. I was hooked by his loathing for a certain fired blonde commentator, but fell even deeper in love with his suave ginger appeal (check out his suit game!) and his grasp of current events. I won't lie, the accent helps, too. He could read me Jane Austen in that voice and I might not hate it. 

He is wearing the hell out of that shirt. 
Next we have two gentlemen from the Queen Sugar TV show. First, Kofi Siriboe, who plays Ralph Angel Bordelone, an ex-convict who is doing everything right to try and turn himself around and make a better life for his son. His passion and frustration with the myriad obstacles standing between him and freedom, even after his release are palpable, and Kofi's performance is a masterwork. Also, he looks like this. And his voice could melt butter. You're catching up on the outstanding family drama, right?

Also from Queen Sugar is Dondre Whitfield, who plays Remy Newell, the farming expert who agrees to help the Bordelone siblings get the farm in working order. Now, as soon as I saw Dondre/Remy I knew he looked familiar, but it took me a minute to place him because it's been about thirty years since he played Robert, Vanessa's hapless boyfriend on The Cosby Show. Needless to say, Dondre has grown up quite nicely and while he's been acting consistently over the past three decades, this is the first time he's been in something I watch, so it was a very pleasant surprise. 

He could be any book hero!

In the sports world, I've been enjoying the hell out of the entire Cleveland Cavs basketball team, and could maybe write an entire piece on them and another just on LeBron James. But let's talk for a moment about Kevin Love. Or, we don't even need to talk, we can just look. He's young, but not too young, and he's got a baby face, but that smile. *sigh* Let's just admire, shall we? Do yourself a favor, and do a Google Images search--the GQ and ESPN pics are especially noteworthy--but that is the face of a romance hero, right there. Damn. 

I almost don't have words for the perfection that is Luke Evans. He escaped my notice until I had a lady date to see Dracula Untold a few years ago. He was born to play that part and blew me away. Then as Gaston in the stunning Beauty and the Beast remake...well, I'm just over the moon for Luke Evans. Yes, indeed. 

We'll love you for always. 
Alexander Skarsgard is the beautiful Swede that we have been collectively drooling over as a group for the better part of a decade. He's at the front of my mind again because of his brilliant turn as the abusive husband in HBO's Big Little Lies. As much as I adore Alex's sassy vampire, Eric, he is best as the sexy, quiet psychopath you'd never suspect. Bloody brilliant work! 

Then there is Jason Momoa. Jason will always be our sun, moon, and stars, but we are on pins and needles waiting for that Aquaman movie. We are clearing our calendars and taking a sick day, going alone or with a girls-only group. Hot damn, that man is perfection on a stick. We try not to think too hard about him being perfection in life, too, and focus on enjoying his work. And that face. And the body. And we're thankful he's in our lives. 

How does it even DO that? Wow. 
And last, but certainly not least, no Man Candy post would be complete without Zee's and my imaginary husband, David Gandy. He fits every third book hero we've read. He looks like that. His voice is like silk caressing your ears. He loves dogs almost as much as I do. And, did I mention he looks like that? Though others may come and go, David Gandy will always remain Zee's and my one true lust love. 

That's it, Saucy Readers. I hope you enjoyed our collective gift for my birthday. If you'd like to add to the party, feel free to pop over to one of our social media pages and share some of the beautiful men in your lives. Happy My Birthday! 


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