Lucifer: Lead Us Into Temptation

You guys are in for a treat, thanks to Saucy Reader Patricia's brilliant suggestion, I am making your Friday even happier by sharing some sinfully delicious man+woman candy from Fox's LUCIFER. (Which you guys should definitely be watching if you aren't already! It's clever, funny, sexy, and entertaining as hell!) 

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While I could (and should) probably do a Fangirl post on just how great this show is, today I'm just going to concentrate on the ridiculously attractive, and talented, cast that bring your favorite characters to life on screen for us. So, without further ado:

Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin. The definitely over-worked, under-appreciated therapist to our favorite Devil. 

I mean, who can't appreciate her sexy librarian, buttoned up look at work? 

Smart AND sexy.
Not to mention watching her deal with all the drama in the Universe's First Family. 

You can't help but feel bad for Linda sometimes. But you also can't help but want more of her on screen! 

Kevin Alejandro as the sometimes uptight Detective Dan. You know you want to help him loosen up a bit. 

Ah, Dan. Sometimes douchey Dan. Conflicted Dan. But always sexy Dan.

Yes, officer.
Is it the gorgeous face? The abs? The smile? The competence? All of the above, please.
Lucifer noticed too. He does have great taste. 
He has his ups and downs, but one thing is for certain, Kevin Alejandro is MAN.CANDY.

If we must.
Tricia Helfer as the wily Goddess of Creation and Mommy Dearest/Charlotte.

Not just the males.
It was almost unfair when Mommy dearest showed up and was this ridiculously attractive.

She may be a vengeful Goddess, but watching her adjust to life on earth is pretty fascinating. And hilarious. 
It's just not fair, tall & gorgeous AND the Goddess of all creation. 

D.B. Woodside as Lucifer's brother, for better or for worse, Amenadiel.

It's apparent being the Devil's brother CANNOT be easy.

Yet, somehow, Woodside's Amenadiel manages it with a very sexy dignity, a sense of humor, and great patience. Did I mention he was sexy? Because he really is.

That smile.
It hasn't always been easy for him on earth, but we're hoping to see much more of him throughout the series.
So sad, but so beautiful
Lauren German as Chloe Decker: our fearless heroine. Who has a lot on her plate at all times. And who didn't take any of Lucifer's crap from day one!

Chloe is hard not to love. She's smart, gorgeous, sensible, and just SO reluctant to trust Lucifer completely. Watching her put him in his place initially was SO SATISFYING to watch!

It made it so much more precious when she started to soften towards him and realize she might like this guy much more than she could possibly have imagined. 

Not going to lie, we waited a long
 time to see her look at him like this.
The beautiful Lauren German as Detective Decker is honestly one of my favorite women on TV right now.
That face.
 Bonus gifs of Chloe & Lucifer together, because their chemistry is H.A.W.T :

Just LOOK at the way they look at each other. 

(Don't mess this up for us, writers!)

More of this. Thank you.
Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar himself. This man has given a WHOLE new meaning to the phrase the Devil take you. Yes, please. Let the Devil take me.

We fucking wish.
He's an irresistible devil. Fun, sexy, flirty, smart, quick to laugh and have a good time. Really, his attitude is contagious. You WANT to have fun with him. PG or X rated.

Tom Ellis really was an inspired casting choice for Lucifer because he manages to play all facets of his personality beautifully. I'll admit, though, partying Luci is probably my fave.

Rivaled probably by "falling in love with Chloe Decker" Luci. Seriously sigh inducing. Just look at that face.

Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen. Not going to lie. Lesley-Ann Brandt is my absolute favorite fucking thing about this show. And I love pretty much everything about it. 

I have been in love with her since she was Naevia on Spartacus. And can you blame me?

Even if you weren't a fan before, Lesley as Maze will make you fall head over heels in love with her and this character you will NOT be able to get enough of! 

She kicks ass like she was born to do it, she has a sense of style that will make you want her to basically makeover your entire wardrobe, and she does it all with a personality you cannot get enough of.
I think you mean, make it.
Her relationships with literally every other character are so much fun to watch and invest yourself in. Really, who wants anything but the best for Maze!? (No, seriously, who? Fight me.)
These two. Period.
Wise, too.
Add all that to the fact that Lesley-Ann is one of the most beautiful people on the planet, and you'll see why she is our ULTIMATE fave. 

I would be putty in her hands. For real.

On that perfect note, I will end this cast candy post. Hope you enjoyed it! Let us know who your favorites are in the comments below!


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