What the Wenches Are Reading

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Angela:  I finished The Waking Fire (Draconis Memoria #1) by Anthony Ryan and it was so good. If you love fantasy, mixed up with steampunk this is a great book. Though now I have to wait for the next book to be released. The challenge in my Goodreads 12 month challenge was to read a book set in a country I had never read about before. I picked Burial Rites by Hannah Kent set in Iceland. A harrowing story about a murderess and if she really commit murder. The bleak landscape of early 19th century Iceland where people are largely struggling to make a living. It’s a hard life and with a supposed murderess thrown into the mix, it’s grim reading. The book had me in tears by the end. Highly recommended for mystery and historical readers.

Anne: I have continued to do a lot of reading! I finished Bound by Flames, Vlad #3. I also started and finished the final Vlad/Night Prince book, Into the Fire. I’ll have a review on that done soon. In the audio book world, I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I then started Silver Borne, #5 in the Mercy Thompson series. I have some vague memories of this one. I’m so glad I’m re-reading this series. It’s so enjoyable.

Barb: I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows over the weekend. I honestly didn't plan to devour it, it just kind of happened. One evening I got in bed to read for an hour before I went to sleep and suddenly it was 1:00 and I had gotten to Shell Cottage and tragedy. After crying a while I put it away, went to sleep, and picked it back up as soon as I woke up later that morning, finishing it by lunchtime. And now, friends, I am completely lost. Having been immersed in the Wizarding World for the past two months I don't know where I go from here. Again. 
Donna:  I finished Claire North’s Touch just as her latest The Sudden Appearance of Hope arrived in the mail. Yes, I’m rediscovering my love of the printed word. After years of enjoying ebooks, I find myself really appreciating holding a book in my hands. Beautiful book covers deserve their place in the world, not just on a screen you can turn off at will. Getting back to The Sudden Appearance of Hope, this is the story of a girl no one remembers once out of sight. Brilliant premise - I’m hooked! 

Kathi: This might be the first week I can remember where I didn't find opportunities to read, though I did finally get to barely begin my reread of Dark Debt. And it felt so good, I look forward to lots of airplane time to get reacquainted with my CLV pals in a few days.

Merit:  I have nothing to report so far, I tried three different books but none grabbed my attention and I stopped my reading after a few chapters. I’m waiting for the latest and final book in the wonderful Chicagoland Vampires series: Blade Bound by Chloe Neill, hopefully I’ll start reading it during the weekend.


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