What the Wenches Are Reading

Every book on our list this week is a Wench favorite except one. It's becoming that time of year when rereads start taking over as we gear up for new releases of our faves in the new year. Both the Fever Series and the Chicagoland Vampires series are wrapping up in 2017, so expect to see both of those in regular rotation on our lists in the coming months.

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Angela: Gardens of the Moon (The Malazan Book of the Fallen #1) by Steven Erikson is still the book of choice this week. It’s a long book and I’m nearly there. One of the best fantasy books I’ve read this year. The intricacy and details are so thorough that you know this book is so layered and requires the reader to really think. I’m now at 90% and the benefits of this book are staying to pay dividends.

Anne: I am living in a UF world right now. I am up to House Rules on my CLV reread. I’m getting less mad at Mallory now; Ethan’s cheekiness in this book is helping. In the audio book world, I finished The Martian last week. That dose of Mark Watney was exactly what I needed. I moved on to a re-listen of the Fever series, in anticipation of my upcoming NOLA trip to the Feversong release party. I’m still on Darkfever for now. I’ve never listened to the earlier books. The narrator is terrible, but I’m pushing through it.

Barb: I'm still working on Darkfever. Slowly but happily. 

Donna:  Fever series update: I’m getting really close to finishing Darkfever on audiobook. It feels so different to read along on Kindle as I listen to the audio version. If I was reading on my own, I’d be well on my way through Faefever by now, but being forced to slow down and savor every word is giving me a new appreciation for Karen Marie Moning’s exquisite writing style.

Kathi: I’m continuing to reread Voyager, to finish my Saucy Wench reading challenge and satisfy my Droughtlander cravings. I’ve enjoyed reading along with the season 3 Outlander filming — I was reading about the Dun Bonnet and Young Ian’s birth about the same time Sam Heughan was tweeting about his man cave and writer Anne Kenney teased “babies, birds, and boys”. But I’ve arrived at A. Malcom, Printer and am blissfully content now. I’m also watching season 3 of A Place to Call Home, slowing down my pace because I might not have access to season 4 any time soon.     

Merit: Unfortunately I don't have time for reading at all. It is sad, my kindle feels neglected.       


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