What the Wenches Are Reading

As life after Feverborn sets in, we're attempting to move on. A few of us were lucky enough to get ARCs for upcoming books in favorite series, while some of us are trying something completely different. And one lucky Wench is on holiday and too busy to read. Click through to see what we're reading this week! 

Amanda: Still reading Feverborn! I have not had much time to read lately. Stupid Real Life! hahaha!

Angela: I have been on holiday enjoying (or is that melting?) in the heat and humidity. You would think I would have plenty of time to read. Alas that isn't the case. I have read the first couple of chapters in The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks. Otherwise we've been busy having BBQ's, swimming and catching up with friends.

Anne: I'm getting my fanfiction fix before I move on to new things. I'm also making great progress on The Fiery Cross. Poor Roger just can't catch a break.

Barb: I didn't even attempt to pick up anything after finishing Feverborn. I've done this enough times to know that it's futile until my brain is ready to move on. Then on Thursday my ARC of Midnight Marked arrived on my doorstep. It took me two days, because I was savoring this penultimate Chicagoland Vampires novel. But, you guys....it's so damned good! I need to talk about it, it fulfilled so many wishes, I loved it beyond words. SO GOOD. So good, that I'm now rereading Some Girls Bite for maybe the eighth time. I'll gush more in my review right before release day, but I will say two things: 1. preorder and plan to read this thing right away. It's superb. 2. I've seen a few of my favorite series falter at the end, and Chloe Neil is about to be the one author who writes a spectacular, perfect series from beginning to end. It was that good.

Care: It's been a bit of a scatterbrained week for me, I'm not sure what happened there.  Anyway!  All in, I've been reading The Thyroid Solution by Dr Ridha Arem, How To Train Your Dragon #5: How to Twist a Dragon's Tale, and blessedly, Glasgow Lads 3: Playing with Fire!  I'm SO STINKING EXCITED!!!

Donna: I had lots of time to read this week because I was on holiday. I finished Feverborn and then read The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo, and started the Bossypants audio book, narrated by the awesome Tina Fey. It was a nice, relaxing week!

Kathi: This week was still all about Feverborn for me. I finished up my leisurely reread and think I can finally move ahead. No clue what I'll read next...always a challenge to find something that can keep my attention after a thrill ride like Feverborn!

Merit: This week I read Never Never part 3. My Never Never reading was interrupted by the glorious  appearance of Feverborn. After my excitement over that amazing book subsided a little, I was able to finish NN part 3. It was a fun reading. Two people losing their memory every 48 hours, trying to piece facts together in order to understand their situation. Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher, you know what to expect, great writing for this three-part novel. The end was a kind of let down for me but still cute.

Zee: I'll admit I've been completely taken by the Fever and unable to read anything but since Feverborn. But Barb's pure joy at Midnight Marked (and gentle persuasion) made me start it last night. And well, Merit and Ethan are as familiar to me as family, it's always good to be back. And of course, two chapters in and I've already laughed a lot and sighed a lot at Ethan. (And been annoyed with Catcher hehe.) 


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